Energy Forecast for appreciation during the week of Aug 19, 2019

This week we are encouraged to appreciate what is different then us, different from what we are used to.  It is also a week to notice if we are overlooking people or experiences in  life that deserve some attention and appreciation.

This week we are encouraged to look at ourselves and not only accept, but appreciate ourselves.  You are being called to use the courage available to see yourself and others with a kinder eye, a new perspective.. This will allow growth and new beginnings.

This week and even this month the concept of journey,  is highlighted. There is potential for so much forgiveness and acceptance and potential new beginnings.  All of this happens when you allow yourself to see recent occurrences not as failures or set backs; but new directions and new opportunities.  The process of learning about ourself, our life and those we love is a life long journey.. with many celebrations along the way.

This week strive to bring relationships back into balance, this can happen quicker with the perspective of how your life is comprised of many experiences.  One loss is not the sum of your life.  Start celebrating your wins.

This week also offers the opportunity to bring finances back into balance.  Show appreciation for the abundance in your life.. and watch things shift in your direction.

In addition to all the ways we are showing appreciation.. get ready for people to recognize and appreciate you.  Don’t be surprised if you are asked to speak, receive an award or just hear.. Thank you.

Enjoy this week:)