Welcome to the Energy of the week; August 25, 2019

This week it is all about you looking at your dreams, not just the surface , but what your dreams are really made of.  Think about how your dreams came to be.  Are they based on another’s wishes for you… Are they from your heart? Are you willing to commit to the journey of pursuing your dreams.. regardless of the outcome.  If you commit to the journey of living a life that you love.. you know success will follow.. The journey may take you somewhere unexpected; but you will experience the joy of self discovery, happiness and abundance.. When you follow your dreams; magic happens.

So if are committed to living your life pursuing your dreams, get ready to carry this commitment to completion.. If they are not your dreams, or you are struggling with dreams that have slipped away; use this week to get in touch with what you want. What do you want your dreams and journey to look and feel like?

Think of this week about courage, journey and answers.

Be open to the guidance and wisdom that comes from others that are objective in your life situation. This week expect guidance to show up frequently in your life. People and events will help put you back on your path or show as confirmation that you are right where you should be.

Have gratitude for however these people / events show up.. some maybe more comfortable than others, but they all carry an important message.  Commit to the journey of self discovery and follow your dreams😊❤️

These dreams can include family, work, love, everywhere that you are looking for some balance, magic, and happiness.

Enjoy 😊