Welcome to the Energy of the week; September 3, 2019

Imagine holding a statue of Buddha in your vision.  This symbol of compassion is draped with flowers, crystals and other items of beauty.  There is a great storm brewing; high winds, rain, thunder and lightening.  Even with all movement and change surrounding the Buddha, he remains the same.  This week we can seek the calm that allows change to occur around us. We  recognize that change is constant .  It is madness to resist; allow the Storm to release what is not for your highest good.  Feel each breath bringing in peace and compassion to be shared with others.  You are here to serve.

Personal comfort can be achieved this week; as you dig deeper into your true calling.  Think about how you serve others.

This week we are able to view things differently.  Maybe the storm uncovered what had been waiting below the surface.  This may include opportunities of increased abundance.

This week also holds us steady and with a courageous heart.  This positions us to learn the truth and communicate clearly.  We are unstoppable as our hearts begin to communicate in silence with all the other hearts shifting and experiencing the wisdom of truth.

This week is so powerful in manifesting forgiveness.  Healing can begin to occur, especially in families.  As we begin to let go of anger, resentment and pain, we begin to not just forgive others , but ourselves.  We see that some of our choices brought us uncomfortable lessons… but change is occurring and we are learning to trust ourselves and the Universe in creating a place of love and compassion.

Enjoy this week of beautiful opportunities for healing and forgiveness, calm and abundance🙏