The Bench

The path next to our home opens up to unlimited hiking, biking and horse riding trails.  It also leads the way to a stone bench that is situated on a saddle between two peaks.  I have fallen in love with both the trail and the mystical meeting place. It is here that I connect with family, friends, spirits and always Mother Earth.  Or maybe, it is here that I stop and really open up.

I leave my house by 8:00 in the morning, this is when the temperatures are only in the high 80’s.  Durning the weekdays I might see a couple people, usually I encounter no one.  Most of the path is a mild climb with dirt and sharp rocks.  It is not until you choose a trail that climbs to one of the peaks, that you get steep terrain.  Even the mountain bikers have to get off and carry their bikes on parts of the technical trail.  Everyone I meet is happy and enjoying the sun and the expansive feeling. Or maybe, my happiness is just being reflected back😊

When I make it up to the bench there is usually nobody there.  This is when I gratefully sit or lay down and meditate.  Sometimes I just take in the birds, lizards and other life.  I also use this time to say prayers for my family, and others.  There is always a gentle breeze to carry it thru the Universe.  One morning I noticed two hawks flying above me.  They began their flight from a peak, and continued over the valley.  The distance between the ground and the birds became much greater over the low area.  I wondered if they ever thought about the height. I also wondered if their was a message the hawks were sharing with me.  Maybe they were reminding me to increase my visual awareness.   Maybe they were saying release your fears.  A couple hours later I backed into a car; no damage done.  Perhaps the hawks knew.

Another morning my son and I needed to have a serious conversation.  We decided to let the trail help guide our words.  As our steps increased, so did our emotions and voices.  We were eventually able to release the tension and our concerns.  By the time we made it to the bench; we were relaxed and enjoying each other’s company.  We had  set the tone for the rest of our day. I snapped a photo to share with the rest of our family.

This past Sunday a good friend joined me on the hike to the bench.  We talked about our dreams, courage, love and success.  We considered the many chances we get in life to achieve what we desire most.  While resting on the bench an older couple slowly made it to us. They both heavily depended on their walking sticks.  The woman was dressed in comfortable but stylish clothes. She even had lipstick on.  The man wore a button down shirt and khaki shorts.   She kept him moving in the right direction and he happily listened.  The care for their appearance reminded me of another era. Their love and concern for each other was timeless.

We learned they had lived near the trails for over 40 years and married for almost 60 years!  We guessed them to be in their 80’s.  They shared their secret to happiness; keep moving.  The man mentioned a couple of years ago he learned the importance of his thoughts and also a good diet.  He had a hip replaced and used a life coach during his rehab. He believed that was when he fully learned to enjoy life.  We were so inspired!  The Universe was sharing the message,  it’s never to late to change your life.  A vision of compassion, happiness and living your dreams joined my friend and I at the bench.  Finding a person that explores trails, the ups and downs of life, and is also unafraid, is a gift. The wife supported her husband with her mental acuity and he was more stable with the footing of the trek.  Together they continued down the trail.

I have gotten into the habit of taking a picture from the bench each time I visit.  Thru the pictures  I share my gratitude for the view, energy or story of the day. I post them in our family’s group text.  It helps us stay connected, as we are living in several states.  This morning my picture showed my husband’s image on the bench.  He is here, instead of Alaska.  It makes me smile to think about the older couple hiking on the trail, maybe we are following in their foot steps.


Channeled Message

To honor both the mystery and the simplicity of life is part of your genetic makeup.  The simplicity of love is the most basic part of who and why we are here.  The mystery occurs when we  follow the trail from our personal love to the complex messages and connection of love thru out the universe and each life.

It is here that we grow and understand our motivation to experience love in every way.  We are wired to seek and learn of compassion, trust and even forgiveness.  Following the path of emotional depth is what strengthens the heart and readies the heart and mind for the brilliance of the idea of eternity.

As we gain a view from up high, we can see the changes occurring in slow and constant motion.  The image of a rock being held tight by dirt and roots, slowly being released by Earth is much like a human life.  Each of us will be released from the safety of the Earth.  Each of us will experience many possibilities of love and different forms of existence.  The mystery that we all are part of the same cosmic occurrence is where the mind sits and contemplates. It is here that the heart must lead the way.  It is here that the soul knows the way.


Enjoy love and life ❤️


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