Welcome to the Energy of the Week: Sept 9th, 2019

This week several things are working in your favor; if you want them to.  We have the energy of resilience, self actualization and stealth like behaviors.

Imagine yourself awakening in the early morning light.  There is the sweet warmth of the golden sun, before it fully brightens the day.  You shift your body and your mind and notice you feel a little different.  You notice your reach is longer and  your vision is far better.  It is as though you can unfold your body or expand your body in ways never available to you.  You notice you have wings of iridescent colors that will carry your physical and emotional self to higher planes.. areas you never believed were an option to you, are now calling to you.

Areas of pain in your body and the thoughts you carry with you, are releasing in the wind as you use your iridescence.  You notice that as you move thru the world you not only shed your pain from the past ; but you share the sparkle of your healing.  Your heart expands and you realize that not only you deserve to experience the ways of peace and compassion; but all you see deserves to experience peaceful compassion.  You vow to yourself to move silently when necessary, and to move with brilliant colors at other times.  You will do what ever necessary to be your most magnificent self; know this helps us all.

You vow to no longer be the victim.  You have the power and control to bring about changes in your life.  Be as loud or as silent as the situation calls for, but make the needed changes.

Are you using your current situation / environment to serve you best?  Remember this is a solo journey, but your success brings healing to our entire world.  You do not need the approval of others.. Make your plan.

You can really expand if you reach for places and experiences of higher vibrations.  Pay attention to what feels heavy and what is lighter and inviting. Aim for opportunities, experience and thoughts that pull you up.

Don’t be afraid of stepping out; use your wings and fly.

Sending us all ( including plants, animals , rivers, mountains….) the energy of peace and compassion.