Welcome to the week that holds the Energy of Manifestation thru Service.

This week one of the things we will be revisiting.. its been coming up the past weeks, is how we are of service to others.  I think we are also being asked to take the next step in serving others.  How does service look in your life?   It’s also a call to look at how you see your personal part in the world at large.  Where do you fit in?  What is being reflected back to you?

This week look at what occupies your day to day thoughts and actions.  What would you risk your life for to save?  Now look at your life and see if you need to taker more risks so you have a life that you have created regardless of your fears.  Do you walk your talk and commit to your path..  You are supported.  This is not a call for hasty action, but thoughtful improvement.

This week soak in some of the energy of the moon and the Amethyst.  Allow this to assist in any healing that occurs when you step on your true path.  Return to peace.  This is a time for personal growth as you recognize your strengths and resiliency that comes with serving your true nature.

We are also being called to create this week.  This can be writing, drawing, dance, music..  anything that shares your imprint.  This week is about the process of exploring your creativity..  There is no wrong or right and for now, it can be your secret.

If you have been awaiting a teacher or guidance for your next adventure, she or he may arrive this week.  Recognize that our teachers often show up as life lessons.  So be open to anyway guidance, teaching comes into your life.  Who knows maybe you will serve others by being their teacher. We have the beautiful energy exchanges of teacher and student this week..  Teaching others that kindness is an option, is a great way to be of service.

Lastly if you experience a door closing; recognize this as a gift of putting you back on track…