Breaking into Pieces

Sep 18, 2019 | Past Lives, Current Loves, & Your Future

Breaking into Pieces

Many years ago a family member offered one of my daughters a shiny new helium balloon.  She was very excited.  We were outside on an overcast and windy day. I attempted to help her hold on to it, thinking it might fly away.  She was an independent three year old that wanted to do it alone.  The ballon was loosely attached by a clip to her dress.    Eventually the clip failed and the  balloon  slipped from her grasp.  We all watched the balloon float farther and farther away.  My little girl fell apart into a inconsolable storm of pain, loss and anger.  I knew it wasn’t just the loss of the balloon.  We had just moved to Alaska from the East coast with out her father.  The balloon was another thing removed from her small world.  I will never forget her pain.  I will never forget feeling so lost and helpless as a parent.  It seemed like I could not ease her heartbreak.

Most adults have experienced the same overwhelming emotions and sense of loss my child did at three; just for very different things. Often we experience our losses with extraordinary anger, pain and grief; because it is tied to something else.  Regardless of our age, we can loose control in the surface wave of emotions, that pull us back into thick muddied waters holding  past events.

Thankfully each of us is potentially strong and resilient.  There are practices that can help lovingly guide us when we feel like we are loosing it all.  We can support each other in times of stressful change or loss.  It is important to recognize that we all have loving guidance from the other side.  Our angels and  guides are always helping us.  Lean into your faith, let this start the shift.  Even if you don’t have a full understanding of what your belief is, open up to the potential of a higher power.  It will ease your load.

One of the obvious practices is meditation.  This keeps us grounded, ( even in challenging times) so we don’t become completely lost in the pain.  Meditation increases our reserve of healing energy.

Lastly,  let yourself fall to pieces.  Take a breath; and look at your situation as a neutral observer.  Imagine looking down at your life.  Take stock in what’s happening.  Look at all the pieces, feelings and emotions.  Write these feelings down.  What else are they tied to?

Give yourself all the time you need to acknowledge what you are feeling. You may have fear, pain, anger, and other emotions boiling together.  Once you have identified the thoughts and feelings, regardless of the event they are tied to, you can begin releasing them.  As you begin to release the fear, you open a space for healing to begin.  You can’t fully experience each moment, if you are carrying pain from past events.  As you relax and let go; dense energy will be replaced with something gentle and pure.  You will experience ease.  Take your time.  Don’t  be afraid to feel and ultimately release your pain.

The more you allow yourself to feel, the more fear is released.  You will be able to put all the pieces together again.  It is the falling apart that releases the anger, fear, grief.  Trusting and letting go is needed so you can be completely whole again.

We all require different amounts of time to look at our situation with neutral vision.  When we do achieve this, we can begin to heal all wounds.

Supporting a loved one can be challenging.  I think the greatest thing we can offer is a safe, neutral space for them to fall apart in.  Let them know there is no time line and no expectations on how they heal or what they feel.  Emotions can be messy.  Their process is personal and if they are truly tackling past events, we as outsiders can not understand what they are busy releasing.  We can support them, by staying calm, as they dive deeper into their fears.    Stay with them.  This will be a loving piece of their life.

Repair work may occur in stages.  Hopefully it will become easier and easier to process the emotions that come with change, stress and loss.  We owe it to ourselves, each other and humanity to be patient as fear is released and healing begins.


Channeled Message

Join me for a swim in beautiful blue and green rivers.  You are able to follow your heart and explore freely.  You have no limits of time or space.

As you explore your leg brushes up against something under the surface.  The energy  immediately becomes choppy and dark.  You experience a feeling of fear.

You take a deep breath and will your life  to calm down.  It is easy to see again.  Bravely you look to see what has bumped up against you.

You become aware that the disturbance was triggered by past thoughts of inadequacy.  You barely remember your old habits of comparing yourself to others.  With gratitude you release any and all negative thoughts that had been stored in your cells.

Once again you are experiencing freedom and living in the moment.

Take a deep breath in and imagine this breath is able to touch every cell in your body.  This breath reaches into your mind.  Things are being stirred up and unsettled.  With your deep exhale you are able to freely release that which has pulled you back.

You are breathing in all elements of the Universe. They are expanding greatly inside you.  Your awareness is such, that it is no longer contained in a body.  Your awareness is such that it contains all.  You have the ability to shift shapes; come and go thru life times.  Your power is held in every thought.  Your mind will out last the breath.

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