If the world feels like it is spinning off it’s axis..  Think of it as an opportunity to recalibrate and pause for the love in your life to grow.  So steady yourself by grabbing hold of something that you love.  Allow that love to be your anchor in the upcoming weeks.  As things shift and move beneath you and around you, your ability to stay connected  with your passion will  keep you grounded.

This passion can be a person or maybe a dream whose time has come to flourish…

This week know that some of the people or situations that have brought struggle to you in the past, are being carried away.  The fight you have been compelled to stay in, is slipping away.  It is no longer an issue you have in your life; unless you want it….

Allow this week to put some shine on your personal power.. your gifts.  If you have forgotten what they are; return back to that which you love… again this doesn’t need to be a person.  It can be a way of life, a passionate hobby…

This week recognize that sometimes really opening up our heart to love; taking a risk for relationship or passion can leave us feeling vulnerable. This opens up our heart and allows healing and strength to come into our life.

This week is all about the heart.  Take a chance and let love lead the way.  Remember when you feel like you need to take a stand; step back and allow it to be resolved in a new way. Stay steady in turbulent times and know the element of calm will be shown thru your heart.