Look for things that you started in the past , finally coming to life.  It might be someone from your past reaching out to you.  It might be a decision to return to school or change careers.  Something that you contemplated pursuing in the past..  will show up again.

Also know that sometimes cutting ourselves off from our roots and allowing  healing, brings great strength. You can then watch how your roots grow in healthier directions, after the stagnate is cut off.

You may be  called to nurture your roots.  What did your childhood , ( family of origin ) give to you?

Allow things to enter your heart..  You are beginning a new era of self discovery .


This week reflect on your relationships.  Notice the roles you are playing.  Are you supportive or is someone always propping you up?  Is there room for more sharing of heart energy in your relationships?  Can you trust a little more?

This can also indicate the need to trust yourself more..  either way, open up your heart and trust what you feel.


As you see  the potential for new growth, with the return of something from long ago; ask for help releasing any debris that is blocking your growth.  Are you ready to face your past and say yes to an opportunity or dream that has been offered before?

Maybe notice how your life has changed and now you are finally ready to commit.


This week trust your instincts.  You have the power to finally see something all the way thru.  Imagine it is like finally being able to observe and experience the cycles of the moon.  Notice the way it changes visually and creates shifts in how your perceive the landscape.  Don’t run away when things feel unsettled or new..  follow it all the way thru to the end.  This is just the beginning.

You may also be asked to trade positions with someone. They may really want to share their perspective.  This can be an interesting opportunity.  Don’t get pulled off your path for too long.

Enjoy and create a magical week:)