Have you ever felt a stirring inside for something more in your life?  Many of us look at life with a view that holds some ups, some downs and lots of in between.  The highs are filled with satisfaction and success. You easily connect to these high vibration experiences.  The lows might be filled with frustration, grief or sadness; but again it has your attention. It’s the in-between when your mind begins to touch the unsettled.  This gets people craving a little more zest, love and maybe adventure. The channel between the highs and lows can stir unanswered emotions and feelings. Eventually thoughts begin to bubble up.  These feelings and emotions are a call for action. If the call is acted on, you often find your life purpose. If the emotions are ignored, you might feel unsure of your life. Possibly you feel stuck, until you  get the courage to sort out this energy. 

These unanswered emotions and thoughts often hint at your life path that has yet to be  discovered. This is an opportunity to create a life where you experience love in all areas of your life. You freely give and receive love.  Life becomes a steady flow of connection to all.

Several years ago I was taking calls on a radio show.  People called in for guidance on relationships, jobs and money, and other everyday concerns.  One very memorable woman called in. She was looking for more; and seeking clarity on what more looked like.  She was searching for a feeling. She wanted answers of what she should be doing. Her life had not derailed. She just knew in her heart there was something missing.  

She had more to give.  That is the important piece of developing the less connected areas of your life.  What do you have to offer? I’m not talking about picking up after the family and cooking and doing laundry.  I’m talking about what wisdom do you have to share. This was what Kristin was struggling with. She had love, spiritual beliefs and lots of wisdom to share with her family and many others.  The question was how?

After the show ended, Kristin and I connected by phone several times.  One of our first calls revealed something from long ago that was preventing her to fully live in the light.  She wasn’t quite able to give herself permission to trust her heart. We also discovered she has lots of help from the other side.  We connected with one person that passed in her childhood and still helps guide and protect her. We also discovered some feelings that had not yet been sorted through from a previous time and relationship.  As she gained perspective on some of her life choices, she was getting closer to knowing what she was seeking.

On paper she had it all.  She was blessed with a thriving family, good friends and great health.  Gradually she began to get clarity on what she wanted her life to feel like.  She deepened the relationships that were most meaningful .. her husband and children.  As her home began to fill with loving and inspirational energy she began to get even greater clarity on what would fulfill her.  The beautiful part of this transformation is how her husband was right there with her. He supported her as she explored the idea of opening a business.  She wanted to promote wellness, balance, strength and community to a bigger audience. She was ready to expand her tribe and share wisdom. 

Kristin is a perfect example of what life looks like when you trust and follow your heart.  Her progress didn’t happen overnight. She allowed it to unfold naturally. She has built a Pilates studio that began in her garage.  She hand picks her teachers so the vibrations stay high in her business. She shares her light and wisdom with all that reach out to her.  This is the answer to what she was seeking years ago. She was able to pull from all the areas that interested her, family, love, coaching, spirituality and create both a thriving business and life.  She experiences more ups than downs and connects all the way thru. 

 Thank you Kristin for letting me share a tiny piece of your story.  Congratulations on your many successes.  


I see your husband as a channel for so much of your love and success.


To read more about Kristin, click the image below to check out this great feature about her on VoyageLA.com.

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Channeled Message

Often it is thru our loved ones that we learn to let go of fear.  It is thru those that we love best, that the light of all, shines bright enough to scatter fear and create a space of healing, love and inspiration. The love we experience with others is not just the love for that or of that person.. it is connecting to a field of love and grace that holds us all together.. all of the Universe , all thoughts, actions, ideas and beliefs are touched by essence  of love. It is this energy that pulls you into a place of inspiration.. it is this field that allows you to create with an open heart and serve the world .. you bring to life the very energy that helped create you .. this cycle is never ending, but it becomes richer with each heart that is connected and Thur each shared experience. We trust you to carry the torch; light the path for others. Show others the way to a world of no pain.  We trust you remember..

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