Energy of the Week: October 6, 2019

Oct 6, 2019 | Energy of the Week

Welcome to the supportive Energy of the week Oct. 6th


This week pay attention pay attention to how joy shows up in your life.  This observation may lead to the discovery of new disciplines and new dreams.  We are always offered opportunities 

to learn about our strengths, new passions and love.  So when joy winds her way into your life this week; get up and see where it leads.


Are you ready to trust your wisdom, know it is possible to live a life where you feel connected?  Maybe it is time to take the steps that were shown to you long ago. This could have been a therapist or someone trained in alleviating emotional pain.  Allow your personal wisdom to peak this week. Take the steps, follow the path that you were offered before. The time has come to allow some of the dense energy be lifted..  Your soul will guide you in your next move.. it’s time.


Explore your world, where do you feel powerful and where do you feel oppressed. If you feel daring, look at what is causing this feeling of oppression.  You may have to explore as far back as your childhood or even the stories of your grandparents.  It will be worth it. You will discover your fears are based on something much smaller than you have imagined them.  You are finally in a situation to set them free; and in doing so, set yourself free. Make your move to be free of your  addictions based on childhood fears.


Some of us might be ready to shed the cloak of protection and even mystery that we have been shrouding ourselves in.  This cloak has made it easy to observe those around you with out connecting. This has served you well and allowed you to make a plan on how you will take the next step in achieving your goals.  You have figured out the players and where you fit in… Make your move. 

The overall energy of this week is shifting your perception so you are able to see how joy is here to inspire you to see new possibilities.  It is a safe time to move.. even if it’s just a quiver that hints at the possibility of great shifts to come. Trust your wisdom, have faith in the creator  of your life. 

Enjoy and create a magical week:)



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