Energy of the Week: October 13, 2019

Oct 13, 2019 | Energy of the Week

The Delicious Energy for the week of Oct 13th is Calling

Imagine finding yourself in a pool of pristine water.  It is the perfect temperature.  You feel completely at ease and supported. You notice how the light reflects off the water and illuminates everything around you.  This light penetrates your aura and reaches deep into your heart, soul and mind.  This is the experience you have been waiting for.  The experience of connection and clarity. 

You slowly become aware of water gently raining down on you.  It lightly touches your skin and eventually makes it’s way to the pool you are resting in.  It is in this moment that you recognize your ability to not only decide how much water rains on you, but you have the ability to decide what rains on you.  You also have the ability to decide what penetrates into and shapes your world.

This week holds the energy of awareness blossoming into the next level.  If you find yourself being over whelmed with people, situations or just life; pause.  Take a minute to see how you can decrease this flow of demands.  Maybe look and see why they are here now?  Are they helping you see a solution to past problems?  Are they here to remind you that you are the rain maker and you have the power to change what is pouring into your life.  What changes need to be identified and acted on?

When you have abundance, love and happiness rain on you; pause and celebrate.  This week practice recognizing what you want and what you don’t..  take time to celebrate the good.  The more attention something receives, the more it appears in your life..  What is raining down on you? 

What are you allowing to reach your inner most world?  If it doesn’t feel good.. don’t let it in.  When you begin to trust and recognize what feels good, your heart opens a little more.  It is here that we are able to make deeper connections and have more moments of the world standing still. 

Let the World stand still for you. 

So this week really pay attention to the steady flow of ease or stress in your life.  Remember you control the rain by your thoughts.  And last of all take a chance on love this week.  Let love into your world.  This delicious experience has been waiting to shift your world. So if it is love for a person, animal or experience..  enjoy and really connect to this vibration..  this is what will shift your world to a place that allows your heart to beat in a rhythm with all that is.  Once this connection has been formed it can never be broken… you have nothing to fear. 

Enjoy and create a magical week:)


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