I was raised with cows, horses, goats, dogs and a couple other species of animals.  These creatures and our very large garden, taught me at a young age, about the time and energy involved in animal and garden care.  I love plants, but choose to not commit the time to growing them.  For many years that’s how I viewed animals.  I love animals. I even eat a plant based diet because of my spiritual beliefs that acknowledges the sanctity of animals.  Still I didn’t have the time needed to properly care for an animal.

When my children were no longer babies I finally decided I had the energy and resources required to care for a family dog.  This is after years of our oldest child asking for a puppy.

My husband was shocked when my stance of no, no, never..  changed to, “ lets get a poodle.”

That is how Ringo came into our lives.  We bought him from someone out of state.  She claimed her poodles had service dog dispositions.  Ringo was born in December and he came to us in April.  We picked him up at the airport in the evening.  When we opened the crate he was all legs.  He looked more like a young horse then a dog.  He quickly became part of our life.  For the first few years our oldest was the person that slept with and helped care for him.

Ringo went thru puppy training class.  I can’t say that he failed.  It was more likely, as puppy parents, we failed.  His entire life was all about fun.  He would walk us on the leash, instead of us taking him for a walk.  Food was never safe around him. His favorite was bell peppers.  I would just find a little pile of seeds from his snack.  He was always loud, but dignified in appearance.  He was a great watch dog.  He greeted everyone at the door.  Both my husband and I took our black poodle out for long runs and hikes.  He pranced his way through many trails in Alaska. 

Our goofy dog followed us all around the house.  He was so gentle and sweet.  In ten years I never heard him growl or be aggressive.  Eventually we got him a friend.  She was an eight week old rescue miniature poodle.  Ringo became her guardian, best friend and nurturer. Even with a 50 lb difference they grew to be inseparable. 

Eventually our kids and dogs, and my husband and I, grew older.  The dogs began to sleep in our bedroom, often on our bed.  When we traveled, we got dog sitters that could spend most of their day with them.  Somehow my idea of animals being so much work shifted.  Our dogs became intricately woven into our hearts and family. I couldn’t imagine not having them in our life.

Ringo had an uncanny ability to know exactly where your aches and pains were.  Sometimes after running my husband would have a sore knee.  Ringo always went to the knee and licked it.  He would groom our little dog everyday.  As crazy and rambunctious Ringo was, he was truly a healer and protector.  I have so many stories about him, but mostly I remember his love, loyalty and kindness to our family and his little companion. 

Less then six months ago he was diagnosed with a heart condition.  Medication was able to get that under control.  As a family we were surprised because even at 9 years old, he still acted like a puppy. Regular vet visits showed that he had elevated liver enzymes.  We were not too worried, he still acted younger then his age. 

When I moved to Arizona my husband stayed in Alaska with the dogs.  Ringo could not travel by air with his heart and the dogs needed to stay together.  We found a wonderful pet sitter that often stayed with our dogs so John can spend time in Arizona…

About ten days ago my husband called to say Ringo was not doing well.  He had some blood when he coughed.  The vet discovered Ringo had no platelets in his blood.  He received some IV medication and came home late in the day.  Both dogs had started joining my husband at the office.  Especially now that Ringo was acting sick, we didn’t want him left alone. 

On Wednesday Ringo returned to the veterinarian with his little rescue dog at his side.  They discovered more issues with our much loved big dog.  They didn’t think he would make it thru the night.  Our family decided to let the vet help him transition to the other side.  My husband was by his side.  Our little dog was there also.  Ringo being his wonderful self spent some of his last minutes grooming and caring for his friend.  His passing was peaceful. He rested on a soft blanket while being put to sleep.   His heart slowed and then stopped. 

I am so grateful for the lessons and love this dog brought into my life. He helped shape and even guided our family.  I can only hope that I was a good enough person in his life.  My heart aches for our loss.  Our little dog will make the trip to Arizona with my husband.  Together we will remember our big, beautiful and kind poodle that helped open my heart to even more love.  I know that not just people, but animals come into our life as guardians of the light.

Channeled Message

Grief holds a space for love to be fully explored.    

Grief and Love are different views of the same vibration.  You might briefly view them separate, but grief allows us the ability to thread together all our thoughts and emotions tied to our loved one.  We are able to see how the thread is deeply imbedded in our heart and soul.  The connection was made; it can’t be broken.

Grief offers a place to pause and discover the depth of love and how it is so much a part of who you are and where you came from and where you belong. 

We are guided by many forms thru life.   Our guides are here to help us adjust while transitioning to the highest frequency. 

Spirits in the form of humans, plants and animals all carry the vibration of love and eternal light.  Just as you have been helped in discovering your light; you will help others. There is no void or break in the system. All that you experience has been created for you.  This is exactly what you desired to full-fill  your dream of discovering and uncovering love in the oddest of places.  Sometimes it takes a loss to experience a shift, an opening in the heart that allows light in.  As the life journey continues you will find solace in your ability to uncover friends, angels and love in the most unexpected way.  Reach out to the unseen. Lift your heart to the sun and the moon.  Your journey of discovery has just begun; you have reached the point of no return.  You recognize the connection, peace and light that has resonated with you all along.

Welcome grief into your lap.  Sit with the feelings and thoughts.  It is here we help you fully discover your vision of love and all that is.  The healing brings a softness and awareness into your being.. You can do this.

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