Welcome to the Energy of the Week for Oct 20, 2019

This week expect to hear back from some of your past attempts in growing a partnership.  This can be in work, friendship and even romance.  So if you have been trying to get the ball rolling in your direction..  get ready. 

Take advantage of this energy that heightens communication; not just verbal, but the unsaid as well.  So watch your thoughts and body language.  This can work in your favor.   You are aware of the energies at hand that can easily cause energy flare ups with communication.  Listen well and respond thoughtfully and you will reap the rewards. 

This week brings more change in relationships.  Some people may question their ability to keep up with this type of energy expense..  don’t worry.  Do what you need to this week, even if you are burning the candle at both ends. 

Rest and reflection is waiting.  It is during the rest and reflection that’s you will need to decide how you plan on taking action.  Is this new opportunity / relationship worth the effort it takes to keep it afloat.

The seeds of a new phase are sown.  Progress.. you will move thru the testing times.

There are some strong opinions being shared.. stand back until you know you will be heard.  You have an important understanding of how to proceed..  This can be in any group setting.. family, work , politics.  This is related to the energy flare ups that we will see in communication.

In closing take notice to how new people, situations have come into your life.  If you feel like you are sacrificing for this new opportunity; ask yourself why.  How much are you willing to provide/ give away for this new relationship?    It gets much easier very soon..  even if its just you saying I’m done struggling. 

Let’s see where this goes.

I’m not sure that we are being asked to be strong as much as we are being asked to be wise … 

So it’s a little bit of highs and lows, partnership, and communication…  but it’s a phase that brings great awareness and change.

Blessings of love, peace and awareness.