Welcome to the Energy of the Week for October 27, 2019

If some of life has tripped you up or even made you feel like you were at a standstill while your dreams kept becoming more and more distant..  good news. This week you have the energy and courage to mix things up. Maybe your dreams will look a little different then they did in the past; but they are still your dreams.  I love the fact that you are feeling courageous enough to try new things; and to know that seeing your goals and dreams shift is not failing. It is recognizing what is a good fit for you and recognizing  that you are constantly changing.. so your dreams and goals will also:) 

As you move thru this transitional time; remember what you love.  Write down what you are good at and where you have succeeded. Your communication was recently highlighted, so think back to any telling conversations.  This might be why you are ok with changing your focus.

Allow yourself to not fall into the spin of anxiety as your dreams and goals begin to shift.  There is room for more success in your life. Also know you can always return to your old plan/ but some new and exciting changes await you. Trying new things will increase strength, ability to be flexible and see  allow yourself in different roles.

The main message is this; continuing to fight for something that is getting harder and harder to achieve is only causing frustration and stress.  As soon as you are wiling to look at other options and opportunities life shines on you.  

This energy of success is found in domestic situations as well as financial.  So what ever you have been thinking of .. maybe in the back of your mind… Go for it!!  This week carries the energy for a natural ending or emotional departure. This allows you to say yes to the new. 

Enjoy the week 🙂