Love Shared Thru Art

Oct 30, 2019 | What The Universe Is Trying To Tell You

Love Shared Thru Art

A few months ago, when I traveled from Alaska to Arizona I loaded into my car what I wanted for my new living and creative space. It wasn’t much; some clothes, a few pieces of art and some family pictures.  I also grabbed a couple of old race photos. I chose what inspired me or reminded me of our life with younger children. I knew the house, we would eventually decorate in Arizona, had a much different vibration than the house in Alaska.  The majority of what filled our walls in Anchorage would remain in Alaska.  

A very large tapestry had been hanging near the back entrance to my husband’s office space.  It was placed where only those that entered thru a private door, might have a moment to notice it’s uniqueness.  This piece is about six feet tall and three feet wide. It was hand woven with brilliant hues of purples, golds, browns, greens, blues and reds. A sheep, winged animal and goat is the collective theme. These creatures were created by wide strands of yarn beautifully woven together. It reminds me of a far away place, from long ago.  It felt almost too big for the wall. Over time I noticed something magical hiding in this art. When the time was right, it would come to life.  

As we began to plan our move, we discussed what might work in Arizona.  This particular piece had been grabbing my attention. I often paused by the door, admiring the colors and shapes.  Sometimes I could feel the pull of ancient wisdom, love and even healing touching my heart. I could even feel smoky fires from a very long time ago. With my husband’s blessing the woven art was taken down and slowly, over land and sea made the journey to a new home.  

We had decided to take our time furnishing our new house.  Our dream is to gradually build an art collection together.  Most of our new rooms were sparingly furnished when we arrived.  One room sat completely empty except for a large rug. It was here that I placed the wall hanging, flat on the floor.  I felt inspired to furnish the room based on the frequency of the piece that had been resting for years. I began to notice a shift in the energy of the room and the tapestry.  The energy was slowly building and calling to me. 

One morning I was strongly guided to move the art off the floor.  I wanted to protect it until it was safely hung on the wall. After I repositioned it, I noticed the artist’s name.  I decided to see what else she had created. As I began my research I could feel the energy of my husband’s mother. I could feel her love for our children.  I also felt an overwhelming need to find out more about this artist. Her work had been in my husband’s family office close to 50 years. 

I found Helen Webber Art & Design.  I loved all of her work, each creation more than the last.  I loved the colors, passion and energy that each piece shared.  Helen had a gift of sharing the vibrations humanity needs to begin anew.  She shared enlightenment. The website offered an opportunity to contact Helen by phone or email.   My intention was to thank her for sharing her gift with the world. I copied my husband on an email I sent to the artist. I had walked past this piece for almost 20 years and it just recently began to cause a stirring in me. I felt a strong desire to learn more.  That morning I kept feeling John’s mom and an outpouring of feminine love.

Later in the day, I decided to call the artist on the number provided.  I heard her voice on a recording and left a message sharing my appreciation for all that she created.  I felt oddly connected to her and my husband’s mother as I continued thru the day.  

Mid afternoon I received an email letting me know Helen had just passed.  My email and phone call had missed Helen’s last breath by just hours.

I know it was not a coincidence that I was so strongly guided to reach out to Helen on that day.  Perhaps I was an instrument to help remind Helen’s family of eternal love. That evening her sweet husband left a message on my phone.  I hope that my call and email helped them with their loss. I know Helen and my husband’s late mother organized this outpouring of love many, many years after the art was purchased for an Alaskan wall.  

This little story is one more example of how magical life can be.  Follow your heart; and let inspiration guide you to the sweetest path possible.

Channeled Message

If you had one last word, with your last breath… what would you say?  Who would you want with you? How would you share your love? 

The greatest gift we have, is our ability to love and be loved.

This vibration of love holds our physical body together.. our body, mind and soul are also woven together with love.

And when we are ready, love releases us from our broken human form.  

Each of us has experienced the release from the human form many times.   

We know how to beautifully receive and share love in all forms.

At our time of passing we are aware of our loved ones.  We are aware of all the love and joy and even the vibration of pure love and creation. We are simply released and expand into the greatest version of self… and yet we are aware of those we love in this life time

We will all meet again

We have an eternal connection

Trust these vibrations that guide you to create.. trust in lasting, eternal love… for all.

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