Energy of the Week: November 3, 2019

Nov 3, 2019 | Energy of the Week

Welcome to the Energy of Week for November 3, 2019

This week just in case you are looking for a little diversion…  imagine discovering a new doorway in your home. You decide to open it up and see where it leads. 

You find yourself falling head first into a gathering of people, animals or even environmental causes that remain unheard or overlooked.  This might be a group that you have identified with in the past. You may be feeling the pain of a humanitarian crisis… It is the feeling of recognizing something is wrong, but you are unsure how to create change for the good of all…  

Sit with this and see if you are inspired to act.

If you choose to act in a way that raises the vibration for all of humanity, it will be well received.  

You may choose to stay blended into the crowd, return to life as you know it.

If you do step forward you will be given the tools needed to create lasting change. 

One important aspect of this week is recognizing you have been given certain abilities or luxuries in this life.  Celebrate them and know that it adds to your power to create positive change. So when the windfall of success comes; give back.  You have been shown where you can make a difference. 

This week you get to choose..  You can sit back lacking inspiration or be motivated to reach out and make a difference..

Celebrate the success you have already had.  Look at how you can make a positive impact on the world..  Know that if you choose this you will be rewarded with financial gains and success. 

This week education and bettering life for animals and children is highlighted. 

If you decide to help bring change to the world; you will experience wellness in a completely new way.  Our world is exploding with possibilities… You have the chance to take part in an amazing revolution.  I do see lots of opportunities for people to be the catalyst for change. Some people even jump on board without having a plan..  Just make sure you believe in the cause:) 

It will become more difficult for people to just sit back and watch…  expecting others to deliver the goods.. So don’t be surprised if you step up and become the spokesperson, or key person for a group in need….  Enjoy!


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  1. Jack Bybee

    How strange… at the begining of this week in, what Jung called a hypnogogic hallucination, as I was falling asleep, I saw an open door, glass panels, and bright sunlight beyond… I chose to step through the door !
    Awaiting events – or someone special.


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