Energy of Week for November 10, 2019

This week focus on the foundation of love in your life.  I think it is important to think back on those times that were so magical and full of love.  This is the energy that can keep you moving forward in a place where you are creating exactly what you want in your life.. 

Don’t doubt the love you have experienced..  even if it didn’t last: it served a purpose.  Maybe that is part of what this week is about.  Really examine how love shows up in your life.  What does it feel like?  What does it look like?  I invite you to broaden the image of what qualifies as love.  It can be found all over our world.. in so many surprising ways.

This week the focus should be on family and the prosperity of all.  It’s a beautiful time to begin weaving your dreams of love into the reality of your life..  You have help from the Universe this week. 

If you happen to find yourself wanting for love .. don’t wait for the changes to occur.. Stubbornly awaiting change will not bring the desired results.  Do you what you love..  or what you used to love..  make room for love…  Welcome love.

The fun aspect of this week is how it doesn’t require great outputs of cash or energy..  It is all about fortifying yourself with what you love…   So experience your greatest joys, feel the love of those that have passed on. Enjoy all the ways that you experience, even just a moment of life; that is so good… it could last forever.

Lastly .. reach out to someone or something that might need a little love and kindness.  We are in a beautiful process of healing. We are each our on our own journey but our lives are not randomly thrown together.  We co-create with others in our life exactly what the world needs to heal.. This is love; expanding in unimaginable ways.