Sitting with God

Nov 13, 2019 | Past Lives, Current Loves, & Your Future

Sitting with God

I don’t believe luck randomly offers people a place in our life.  There is a deeper connection involved when a moment, lesson or even message needs to be shared.  There is a supreme force of power, love and light that brings us together.  We join this energy of infinite possibilities on a journey that brings light and love to the surface. 

This morning, after hiking I created an office space outside.  The sun had warmed the Earth a perfect temperature.  The birds were singing and some of my favorite music was playing.   It was one of those moments that reminded me of how perfect life can be.  My intent was to catch up on emails and begin my blog.  My heart was wide open.

I was thinking about yesterday, an artist confided in me how her art reveals secrets of what is going on in her life.  Each peace shares a connection to what her heart is experiencing at the time of creation.  In the past decade she experienced a divorce, followed by a diagnosis of a serious health threat.  She also had children to raise. It was this powerful need for strength and purpose that brought healing and passion into her art. Finally she is ready to release some of the pieces created in her darkest time.  They have served their purpose.  The healing is complete.  She is now painting over the original art, and sharing a different story for people to connect with.

Whoever buys the canvases with the secret healing energy, might begin a beautiful new journey of strength and purpose in their life.  The buyer will receive a love and resilience that is hidden by a new vision.

I love how the artist showed that each of us can build a new life canvas.  We simply need to acknowledge the energy has changed; and create new visions.

This same artist is now creating pieces that shares the energy of a young person that lost her life.  Using my ability to connect with those that have crossed over, the young woman showed us how she assists the artist by adding more love in each painting.  The woman that transitioned, showed me the colors used in certain paintings that the artist has created.  She holds space for the artist to create and share love.   Together they work as a team, sharing a story of love thru art.  Maybe this was part of the ultimate plan.

This week I met with a young man that is just starting his life as a husband and a father.  He came to me, not really believing in the ability to connect with those that have crossed over, or even believing in intuitive abilities.  In the beginning he sat across from me with his arms folded.  He left with an open heart, open mind, and open arms.

During his reading he was surprised by the information that came thru.  He had lost his mother at a young age.  We talked about his loss and his relationship with his father.  It was at the end of our session when I hugged him goodbye; that his mother’s exquisitely beautiful energy poured thru me to him.  It was one of those moments that I am so grateful for my abilities to share love.

During our session I spoke of a future where he will be doing energy work with his clients.  At this time it doesn’t make a lot of sense to him; but I know his mother will help him.  I also know one day he will have a daughter that shares his mother’s energy.  He physically lost his mother about 20 years ago.  It is so exciting to witness, his awareness of connecting in a new way.  He knows his mother is with him, and most importantly she has never stopped loving him. 

While I was sitting outside beginning this blog, the young man texted me.  He had more questions about his mother.  I shared more with him.  One of the things she told me, was she loved the cascade of flowers.  I was shown a mural on a wall. I texted this to him.   He quickly sent a picture of a wall that his wife had decorated.  It holds a photo of his young child next to a painting of flowers.  I love how his mother recognizes her place in his new family.

However we create and share love with the world, it will be well received.  When we set the intention to receive and share inspiration, we are sitting with God, Angels and all of our loved ones.  The energy we share is a combination of our human self, Divine self and all that is; pure love.

In closing I would like to thank everyone that has reached out to me.  You always give me something to think about.  I know the connection we share is helping love shine brighter in our World.

Channeled Message

Trust that you have inner workings that are pulling to you exactly what you called forth on a different level.  Image the beauty of returning life after life and helping many times over, in so many different forms.  All of our lives, weave together in vision we call now.

It is possible to move thru distraction and reach for the energy that lights your soul and fills your heart.  Imagine traveling to a place where all souls light up and dance as the stars make beautiful sounds and the wind is a vision that carries magnetic energy fields, that  bring  particles to dance in a way we have yet to understand.

We are pulled together to connect and explore and offer our awareness of something so majestic we are only beginning to understand.  As our hearts open, we are gifted insights of endless love, and eternal connections.   We have it all.  We are Everlasting Love.

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