Welcome to the Energy of Week for November 17, 2019

This week we will have lots of opportunity to really get a good look at what is going on in our life.  This is going to come into play several ways.

If you have been finding yourself upset with a person or situation or the way they might be acting; step back and take a deeper look at the situation.  There is a good chance that you will find you are exhibiting the very behavior you dislike in others. With this awareness you have the ability to completely remove issues of aggravation in one moment of clarity.

This week there is a challenge to see things flowing without the impact of boarders and walls.  There is a call for you to seek higher ground and get a better understanding of why we might feel isolated and even separate from other groups and identities.  The higher ground will allow us to see our connections to who we want to be aligned with.  We will be shown hot spots or areas that we should avoid.  This is good news.  You are given clarity and choices to avoid past / future pit falls..  go you!

I also feel like this a good time to make home improvements.  You will have more energy to see things in the home to completion.  It’s also a good time to just recognize the value of the space you have created in a home.  Be creative in your home space, soon adventure will call you. 

Allowing yourself to get a different perspective on who and what is going on in your life, gives you the freedom to not care what people are thinking and even to make plans that will pump up your inspiration. 

So the week holds insight, healing and inspiration!