Energy of the Week for November 24, 2019

There are two vibrations prominently available for you to connect with this week.  One is feeling the need to celebrate and express joy.  You want to take your hat off, throw it in the air, for a job well done.

This celebration energy is competing with the energy of feeling unsettled or off course.  So maybe you have just completed a project… but you are unsure of the next move. Or maybe part of your life has taken off… but uncertainty remains in your thoughts.

Take the time to celebrate any and all of your successes, this always applies to life.  After celebration, turn your attention to staying grounded and connected to calming practices ( this always applies also : ).

There is a lot of super charged energy this week. You may find yourself extra emotional. You may see things very clearly as right or wrong. You may find yourself experiencing peaks and valleys of clarity and temperament. Remember to focus on the calm.

If you are experiencing a lack of trust or difficulty communicating clearly; walk away from any situation that might become bigger then it should be.

One reason you may be celebrating is experiencing a win in a decision that goes your way. This can bring more balance to your life.

This current strong, and almost chaotic energy can offer you new perspectives. Be patient and wait until you can see the big picture and you are not acting on assumptions.

A snap shot of the week is allowing yourself to celebrate good news… Remain calm and grounded, even when you feel unsure or unsettled. The reward is a broader perspective in how to move through life.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Be sure to create a list of the good in your world, spend sometime outside and breathe deep!