Everything in our life is here, because at some point, we walked thru a doorway and summoned  the experience.  I will share an example of this; outside my window there are rabbits and an occasional red cardinal eating pieces of lettuce and carrots.  Earlier in the day I put the produce out knowing it would attract some animals.  My thoughts and actions created the enjoyable encounter.  I also credit thoughts and behavior for the not so sweet manifestations.

What ever shows up in our life, we play a significant role in how and why it has appeared.   Our mind creates the door frame and our response leads us through the passage that holds our experiences.  The power of our mind is responsible for building everything physical and non physical on our journey.   Imagination holds the potential for everything.

On the trail near our home there is a meadow like area.  It is often where my gaze lands, as I sit on higher ground.   When walking through the low-lying area,  I am moved by the pull of a vortex.  I recognize this experience  is not of time or space.  I become transformed, more alive and connected to all that is.   I feel the connection to everything that has graced the trail; dirt, plants, animals, people, sun and water.  In the vortex,  I believe anything and everything is possible.  This is the doorway that we each have the ability to walk through .

Every moment holds a coil of creation, the energy of accession, or pure potential.  It is this awareness that shows us we have a choice in how we live our life.

If it is true that we manifest everything that is occurring in our life, why do we have moments of resistance or grief, anger and sadness?  The short answer is we currently identify as human.  The long answer is, a part of our mind invites difficult experiences into our reality.  Maybe to learn there is nothing to fear; we are safe in eternity. This revelation allows us to fully experience every moment.  We understand the possibility of living free of fear.

This is an important concept; where there is no space or time, there is no fear, right or wrong.

Is there a collective consciousness that is creating an experience for all of humanity?  If yes, which is more powerful, the thought of one mind, or the collective thought of all?

Pure thought consciences ( living in awareness of love) is the strongest form of creation,  whether it is collective or an individual thought.  With this in mind, one individual is more powerful creating with love, then a collective group creating with fear.  The one entity that is aware of peace and love,  brings forth a ripple affect of change that touches everything.

With our thoughts we have the ability to create many doorways that lead us to pure love.  Perhaps that is the greatest lesson to learn.  There are many paths, doors and passages that connect us to our true potential, and every time we create a pathway, it becomes easier to find ourselves in the state of Grace or All that Is.

I have promised to take one of my daughters to the doorway of connection, over Thanksgiving.  It will be easy.  Our hearts will be open with gratitude.  We will be outside on the trail.  I will speak of how each of us is born unto this Earth, in the doorway of Eternity.


Channeled Message

The absence of fear based cognitive abilities is the greatest shift human kind can experience.  This allows access to the part of our mind that is of God.  Here we see self and others as light beings.  It is where our hearts connect and the greatest love is born.  This is the merging of all minds, together as one.  The individual is aware of their part in the wave of consciousness.  It is possible to feel as one entity; and have an awareness of belonging to all that is. We each take part in the shift that allows a singular soul to experience the most intimate makings of all creation.

We each find our way, rest and know the possibilities that can be played out.  Our eternal connection to all that is, pulls us safely back home to the beginning.  We have forever to understand the immortality of our soul and the impact of love.

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