Energy of the Week: December 1, 2019

Dec 1, 2019 | Energy of the Week

Energy of the Week for December 1, 2019

It’s crazy to think we have one calendar month of this decade left!  The next 31 days can be filled with anticipation for what you are currently creating with your thoughts.

This week pay attention to what is landing in your life.  Does it match the vibration of your dreams?  Or does it match the vibration of your worries and fears?  You can almost view this week as boot camp for getting your life to match your dreams…  Remember the key word is match…  It’s matching the feeling or vibrations of your dreams.  If you want success in your life; allow your mind to create the feeling of success.  Imagine what it feels like.  Sit with it, and then greet your day.

Don’t get caught in the fear of what other people think… that is a sticky trap that prevents you from experiencing your greatest version of self. Remember this as you move through the week.

If you are practicing calling in your dreams; this week is great for improved work conditions, job offers, happiness and success in home improvements.

Even on a deeper level life has the possibility of improving and getting easier.  Testing times are over 🙂

If you are in a dispute stay calm and use good judgment…  It is available to you either your own or legal council.

Basically this is an amazing week.  Of course it is up to you…  but it will be easier then ever to see success in finances, home, and relationships.



If you want me to pull a card for you contact me on my website  🙂

Blessings of absolute success and love,


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  1. Jamie

    I love your posts, and I’ve been feeling these types of things happening in my life! I’d love to have a card pulled, if that is something you do!
    Thanks so much, and I hope that the positive energies grace your week!


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