Energy of the Week for December 8, 2019

Imagine this week you are happily flying along with what you believe to be an accurate view on life. You might even feel secure in your future plans. Out of nowhere comes something shocking…stop you in your tracks shocking. This can be seen in our political world, global world and personal world. It is your choice how you will react to it. A pause, recalibration is fine. A derailment should not happen. Remember it is your choice how you react.

This week breathe deeply around the overbearing colleague, boss.

Stress may increase when your intuition doesn’t match what your logical mind is showing you. Trust your heart over logic… every time!

It is a good week to look at your budget and decide what to spend, quality of lifestyle. You can be successful in creating a budget that brings balance and control back into your life. This is also a good week to reach out and explore new business opportunities. Success with abundance:)

This is a great week for home life and domestic affairs…use this energy to clear up any misunderstandings, negative energy. This is also a great week for fertility…if you are looking to grow your family.

With all the beautiful energy flowing for family, abundance, and success; you will also be asked to let something go. This is necessary for the growth to continue. Celebrate your success, abundance and let go of any fears. It’s a great time for a prosperous new beginning. In regards to the shocking news that we will all be exposed to; stay calm and mindful. Only give attention to what you want in your life.

Enjoy 2019 and put some thought into what you want in 2020.