How to Create a Life Changing Mantra

Dec 11, 2019 | Past Lives, Current Loves, & Your Future

How to Create a Life Changing Mantra

Mantras are honored in a vast variety of spiritual practices and traditions, through many centuries. They elevate daily lives, and have an important place in both mindful and intentional living. Mantras are also one of the main ingredients in successful manifestation. They can be words, sounds or even repetitive actions.

Many people experience life without recognizing their personal power.  The words and thoughts we repeatedly tell ourselves are basically mantras that are void of sacred energy and intent. I invite you to take charge of your life by using intentional mantras. Follow these simple steps and get ready to celebrate your dreams:

Step 1
Settle into a comfortable place. Breath deep and think about a time you felt good. Really connect to the feeling of being comfortable and happy. This simple exercise relaxes you and helps open your heart.

Step 2
Think about and write down what you want in your life. Logic is not your friend here. Think about your dreams, not how or why you will not achieve them. Try to connect to the feeling that your dream holds. For example if its the goal of having a new baby, you might visualize yourself holding the baby in your arms. You might even be able to feel the love you have for your baby. Maybe you can even feel the weight of the baby in your arms. Connecting to the feeling of your dreams is really important.

Step 3
Create a robust list of words that you associate with this dream or goal.

Step 4
Write down next to each word how that particular word makes you feel. This is important. You may find some of your words remind you of your goal or dream, but they don’t make you feel good. Another point is you should not have any words that feel flat or empty. Every word on your list should make you feel closer to your goal.

Step 5
Next is arranging the words into a flow that sounds and feels good… This is when you are actually forming your mantra. Ideally it will be short, easy to use and truly personal to you. Use the powerful I am statement in your mantra. Your mantra does not need to have impact on other’s lives, only yours. Take your time and play with the words and how they feel. Have fun with the creative aspect of this spiritual connection between thoughts, words and action.

Step 6
Finally is creating a practice using your personal mantras. You can repeat them through out the day to help keep you connected to the moment. You may find you use them before, during or after meditation. The most important piece of the mantra is to feel the connection.Experience the energy of the words.

Create mantras for different aspects of your life. For example certain words or sounds may connect you to peace during meditation. Other words maybe used before a competitive event or while training for an event. Have fun making a collection of mantras for different experiences in your life.

Here Are Two Easy Mantras
An example for someone seeking abundance might be: I am experiencing abundance in all areas of my life. This is a very simple mantra. If it feels too flat bring in some words that make it yours. I am experiencing abundance, positive flow of money and great success in all areas of my life.

An example of a mantra for peace; I am experiencing peace and enlightenment in all areas of my life. If this feels dull add some different words. I am thriving in a peaceful world that fully protects and guides me through out the day. Notice that the mantra holds an I am statement and it recognizes the peace and protection in this very moment.

Enjoy this opportunity to take control of your thoughts and your life!  If you have any questions or comments about mantras please contact me on my website


A great way to use mantras are in passwords. Look for opportunities to use your favorite words through out the day.


Channeled Message

Stay open to the many ways of energetic lifts as they occur in your home, body and mind. These advancements carry the presence of high vibrational energy into both your inner and outer world.

The pull of inspiration, guidance and manifestation is always available to you. Trust how you best communicate with your inner wisdom. This connection is sacred. Allow the miracles of healing and wisdom to come through your words. The thoughts and words scripted by your mind carry the presence of the Divine. Have reverence for your ability to speak and hear the truth. Allow your heart, mind and soul to carry  beautiful images into our world for all to experience. Set into motion a life of mystical experiences, love and devotion.

End of Channel

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