Energy of the Week December 53, 2019

This week is holding the space for you to learn how to safely express yourself.  Learning the balance of sharing, with out loosing control of the situation. Sometimes our emotions bubble up and we loose sight of what is most important. Practice expressing yourself in a mindful and intentional practice.  This is a great week for self empowerment. Control and discipline is called for if you are seeking recognition and personal progress.

Strength and intelligence is highlighted this week; let it be yours.

This week is also about focusing on what you want abundance of.  If you want your cup to over flow with goodness, give your attention to that.  Walk away from any sticky situation, in particular the work place.

Do enjoy friends, family and a little indulgence.

If a painful truth is revealed to you this week; celebrate that you are now aware and can move on with out questioning your decisions.

Pay attention to Health.  Revisit what what wellness is to you.  This is always a good idea before the new year.

Imagine this week you are provided the opportunity to share your heartfelt belief and view points on something you are invested in.  Who are you having this conversation with?  Think about the words you are using and the way you feel during this conversation.  Is it taking place in person, email or call? Are you able to share everything that you intended? Put some thought into this before you conversation takes place.

Enjoy the week ahead 🙂