Energy of the Week December 22, 2019

Dec 22, 2019 | Energy of the Week

Welcome to the Magical Energy of the Week for December 22, 2019

Imagine yourself sitting inside your home.  You begin to feel a stirring to go outside.  You are unsure of why you feel this pull.  As you exit your home you experience cool air on your cheeks.  The warmth of the sun through your hair.  Your gaze lifts to the sky.  It is a kaleidoscope of colors and movement.

Finally the Universe is sending you messages you can understand; or maybe you can now understand the language the Universe speaks.  With your arms and heart wide open, you scoop up the abundance of colors and messages.  You know you have all you need to decipher the code of your life purpose..

You understand your past struggles and know you can release them.  You understand your kindness has touched many.  You understand how to move through the world and leave a wake of compassion and awareness….  Your magical journey is just beginning.

How this week’s energy effects you in the seven areas of your life…

Home and security is favored.  You should experience a calm regarding your home. This could be a document or something indicating the tides are turning in your favor.  Prioritize balance in your life.

In relationships and emotions there are lots of ups and downs… nothing static.  You may feel the need to act quickly and make a decision…  pause before you commit….  This doesn’t mean don’t commit; it means to make sure the circumstance are not why you are committing.

Energy and vitality is increased. This is a wonderful opportunity to explore what makes you happy and whole. It can help lead you to your life purpose….

Balance, love, and connection are a mixed bag.  Because we are blessed with high energy and even experiencing insight on our purpose; we may begin to feel oddly unbalanced…  meditate, spend time outside….  This is also a good time for new connections… again watch the balance aspect.

Communication and healing are highlighted when artistic expressions are used.  Explore different ways of expressing yourself.  This can be verbal, writing or another art form.  Healing with art is also highlighted.

Expect to see results when you trust your intuition this week… very exciting.  You may even get recognized for this skill set.  You may also get recognized for a compassionate act.

Enlightenment or connection to your spiritual self is highlighted: celebrate feeling good.  When you have those moments of connection to something greater then everyday life…  pause and celebrate, there are more experiences on the way!

In closing expect some change to come about because of a legal document, check or written  something on paper…

I also encourage you to look at was has been placed at your feet.  This can be someone helping keep you safe..  or someone asking for forgiveness ..  Pay attention to how this plays out:)

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