Our New Year is Illuminating Awareness, Partnerships & Discipline

Dec 25, 2019 | Past Lives, Current Loves, & Your Future

Our New Year is Illuminating Awareness, Partnerships & Discipline

The pause just after Christmas and Hanukkah holds a powerful occurrence.  The work schedule is not quite back to normal.  A lull in expectations can be felt.  This temporary interruption in our daily lives offers us the perfect time to create goals for the new year.  This is a truly spectacular opportunity.  We get to decide what we want in 2020.  This season we are creating not only a new year, but a new decade!

Imagine the Universe is preparing to give birth to a new year that has yet to be touched by our experiences.  The emergent year remains intact and waiting for our concept of time to crack open the shell that contains our collective thoughts.  Soon we begin to feel the experiences we have been searching for.  Like most births there is a mixture of anticipation, a little fear of the unknown and possibly an awareness of the responsibility to do the right thing.  There are moments of pain that will be forgotten and overwhelming experiences of heart opening love.  Together we will welcome the birth of a new year and a beautiful new decade.

When looking back, the year 2012 was thought to bring a powerful new consciousness shift to Earth.  Many believed it was the beginning of changes that could help humanity evolve.   Some were expecting to see proof of a cosmos that contains miracles, truth, and the answers mystics speak of.

Like 2012 the year 2020 is set to unleash a great wave of evolution for Earth and it’s inhabitants. What begins in 2020 will gain strength through the decade.

Midnight January 1, 2020 we will experience the birth of a new reality. This awareness will grow slowly for some and quickly for others.  Each of us will begin an alchemizing in our awareness and truths.  We will know stronger partnerships and a new style of discipline.  The pain will be felt by those that struggle to let go of past beliefs and life choices.  We will be shown new possibilities in our relationships. We will achieve a  new purpose.  The world will witness the rise and fall of a system that was couched on the belief of good versus bad.  The idea of good versus evil will rise up, gain attention and twist together, until it is impossible to find what was once thought of as good.  Our beliefs as we know them will begin to waiver and eventually crash.  The crash is what will allow us to identify with a new way of life. This is the new awareness coming into our hearts and minds.

The relationships and partnerships that are created or restructured in this new year will be made of something that is strong, yet filled with a deep love and appreciation for all life forms.    It is the beginning of merging all thoughts and minds.  Our communication will include the awareness of great minds of the past, present and future.

We will experience a new discipline or commitment to a purpose that serves humanity at large.  It will become easier to know the connection we all share.  There will be a realization of how we must serve to thrive.

How should we as an individual greet this year?  First and foremost recognize this energy and understanding of life is new to most of us.  That means there is no room for judgement of self or others for past actions.  We are being given the opportunity to make peace with past learning experiences.  Imagine the slate is wiped clean;  if you are now ready to live with expressions of compassion.

Relationships that are positive and help you thrive, will grow stronger.  Relationships that are not serving your best interest will change or fade away.  Recognize we have relationships with self, family, politics and the world at large.

One of the most beautiful experiences that we can achieve, is the awareness of new possibilities.  It is possible for us to co-create a new way of life that promotes global wellness as well as individual wellness.  Our disciplines will be restructured.  We will desire different experiences and allow change in our beliefs and values.  For some of us this is easy; we have been waiting.  Those that are resistant to change will experience the greatest transformation.

In closing light a candle and write your goals for the New Year.  Don’t be shy about putting your dreams on paper.  We are being offered a remarkable transformation on both individual basis and humanity at large.


Channeled Message

Come join us in an awareness of all that is.  This invitation is to a place that each of us holds within.

It is here that you see that karma and DNA are linked together creating life experiences.  Within yourself, in this moment, you also realize that our karma and DNA is unraveling.  Everything that held us separate, is unraveling.  Through this unraveling of ego, we release fear.  Everything feels familiar.  Everything we hold dear is at our fingertips.  We lack nothing and hold compassion for all.  This is not a choice, but a natural progression of Universal Change.  We are awakening as one.

End of Channel


“Compassion refers to the arising in the heart of the desire to relieve the suffering of all beings.”


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  1. William Erickson

    I am not one to think about the future much. I just let it happen. Maybe it’s time to do just that, at least write down a goal or two.


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