Energy of the Week December 29, 2019

Dec 29, 2019 | Energy of the Week

Energy of the Week December 29, 2019

First and foremost…  This is exciting!   Take advantage of the calendar date to dream up your ideal  2020 … write it down.  I hope you have a special journal to write your goals and successes in.

If you read my recent blog you will know the general energy for 2020.  I wanted to share a little about our political situation and the 2020 election.  Regarding the Democrats; Biden is going to be boxed in.   It will not be easy for him to move up without obstacles popping up.

Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Buttigieg  all have upward momentum right now.  I think it will be interesting to follow….  Warren and Sanders somehow help each other in the polls.

Our current President maintains his current loyal followers.  He doesn’t let go easily of what he believes is his right to be in office…  When he holds so tightly to his beliefs it breaks the current system…  Or at least what he has built.  This holding tightly brings big holes into what he has built and to some degree our political system at large.  We will also see that his staff, that is loyal to him, is not very deep; meaning it is just the immediate people around him that are following his directions. With all this being the case, because I see him so tightly controlling the scene, it will be interesting to see the 2020 elections.

Security,  Life Style, & Issues: Enjoy knowing that fortune and love surround you; or are at least on the way.  To bring this into fruition faster, take note of all the ways love and good fortune have shown up in your life.  Also, home art or renovation projects are highlighted this week.

Relationships & Emotions: This week, kindness and love will be experienced.  This happens even faster or in a greater amount if you take notice of the love and kindness in the world.  Be creative and think outside the box, when what or how you think a relationship should look like.  It’s your life.  What do you want your relationships to look like?

Self-Control  & Vitality: There is a little conflict with the vitality or momentum in your life. You may feel like the right thing to do is let go and see what happens.  In some areas of your life that is exactly what you are supposed to do; let go.  In other areas you are meant to take action.  I feel like for some it’s letting go of their past and this allows you to take action for your future.

Sharing & Trust: This week look for all the areas in your life that you have experienced love.  Don’t overlook examples of love; just because they are always available.  This could be the love of a loyal pet, friend, or parent…  All love counts.  So set your boundaries and stay strong in what you expect in relationships…  and honor the one’s you have.

Feelings & Communication: This is the area of the your life that has the most significance this week.  You are being asked to review your life with pleasure versus regret.  There is also a chance a relationship from your past will be resurrected.

Intuition & Big Picture:  This week be comfortable with sharing your achievements.  Be an example to show others that success is possible.  Do what you love.  It’s also a good time to sell a property.

Spiritual & Harmony:  Allow your intuition to guide you on work and relationships… You will be rewarded.  It’s a great time for reunions.

Bonus: With all the possibilities of good this week don’t fall into the habit of looking for the worst case scenario.  Enjoy this week.  There is no reason to feel anxious when things are rolling along in a positive direction…  enjoy it.

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