Energy of the Week January 5, 2020

Jan 5, 2020 | Energy of the Week

Energy of the Week for January 5, 2020

Have you started to settle in and allow the new year’s energy to roll over you? Maybe you have been given new insights; maybe you are feeling more connected to the pull of the Earth and the ocean’s tides. Maybe you have been allowing a little bit more focus on your breath, and thus allowing the shift to take place within. When your awareness comes back to the complexities of life, it is easier to choose peace.

This week you will find yourself in the position of needing to make a decision. The pressure you feel is completely up to you. You have the the power to let go of the fear and make your decision from a place of strength. Gather up your courage, friends and Angels… it is time to move forward. This decision may remain a secret until people notice the change you radiate.

I have pulled a card to share some guidance in the areas below. We have three areas with the strongest potential for change or grabbing your attention. Our physical needs and security, self control, and service to humanity.

Physical Needs, Security & Being Grounded

There is huge potential for transformation; or the beginning of transformation. This can indicate new jobs, new home, new partner. Recognize that if you are in a situation that is not for your highest good this is a great time to let it go. Be aware that some of the changes have been in progress for sometime; it is finally the right time to let go… or be let go.

Emotional Needs

This is a great time for increased creativity and inspiration. Thinking outside the box will be well received in the work place. This is the time to think more creatively in all areas of your life.

Self Control & Will Power

Here is where the decision needs to be made. A great break through can be made here. It is truly an opportunity to see what you have not wanted to confront in the past. You will have the self control and will power to handle everything with grace… remember that.

Sharing, Trust & Love

Here again is a place where a decision will need to be made. Who will you trust and what will you share? How is love your love being received; let this guide you.


Allow your self to be released or removed from conversations and groups that no longer serve you. If it was never your battle, it will be easy to walk away. Let others figure their way out of situations/contracts.

Service to Humanity or Bettering Our World

You will be graced with money/abundance when you are putting forth the effort to contribute to society and humanity. Even if you are needing the money to improve your home, making it pleasing for your family… the money will come for creative, social and home projects.

Cosmic Love & Awareness

Your awareness will grow in the creative and romantic areas of your life. Maybe you are gifted a new perspective to appreciate your romantic partner… or maybe you are gifted the awareness of cosmic love and your connection to all that is….

Enjoy the week. It can turn out to be very powerful and telling for the year ahead.



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