How to Tap into the Strength of Your Truth

Jan 8, 2020 | What The Universe Is Trying To Tell You

How to Tap into the Strength of Your Truth

My writing has been described as lyrical or even whimsical.  I know my words as truth; they carry an awareness of a kinder and compassionate world.

We are living in a time that allows our actions and reactions to be far reaching into our world.  Humanity has documented challenges and successes of our planet throughout the ages.  Our ability to be aware of current situations across the oceans has gifted us a unique knowledge and challenge. The media is sharing terrifying footage of fires, wars, and other devastating events that are portrayed as out of control.  It might appear like humanity is being brought to our collective knees….

I choose to look at this moment in history as an opportunity to gain a higher perspective of our options.  We can unite, bring light, and vibrancy to the areas where fear has trapped us.  To achieve this, we need to look deeper into every image.  For example, we see animals fleeing the fires in Australia.  This has triggered emotions for many of us.  Seeing the animals loosing lives to an out of control fire stirs up grief, fear and sadness.

We need to pause and examine this.  People currently kill animals every day for meat, leather, and fur.  We even kill them for sport.  The difference is one setting is controlled or at least intentional.  Does this make the loss of life less painful?

The news is sharing divisive styles of communication used in politics.  Let us examine this also.  What words do we use on a daily basis?  Are they loving? Do we avoid harsh language of others?  Is it possible to only let loving words into our home and mind?

People are being killed by bombs that have been justified by world leaders.  Mothers, children, and other innocent victims of war are losing their lives.  As a fellow human do you believe killing another is ever justified?

Our planet is on fire.  The earth’s wellness and our population is at serious risk related to our actions.  Should we be concerned that the planet we call home, our animals and humanity is suffering?

Even with the upheaval shared, we are capable of joy, love and a full spectrum of wellness.  You get to choose if fear will guide you; or compassion and love guide you.  It starts inside you.

Begin with examining your personal beliefs.  Are your actions congruent with what your heart tells you is truth?

Are you living your life by the ideals of past generations, or even a society whose convictions and rules don’t match your true belief system.  If you are; you are suffering.

Allow yourself time to reconnect with your heart. Think about the words you use.  Think about the people in your life.  Think about the products you use.  Do all of these match your vision of truth?  We can each make the difference needed to create a loving and compassionate world.  Most importantly we can each live in a world that matches our hearts.  This will set us free of suffering.

We experience a ripple effect of peace when living congruently with what our hearts know as truth.  Your feelings and gut instinct outweigh logic, when deciphering heart truth from fear based ideas.

The more you practice following your truth, the greater impact on the world you will make.

There is nothing whimsical about taking control of your life and emotions.  We do this by following our heart and our truth.  Let the suffering end.  Join the inevitable of living in unison with the tides, seasons, and all souls.


Channeled Message

Once again we are at the brink, in need of shifting our beliefs, actions, and awareness. Maybe this time we will be forced to step back and listen to the earth & skies speak. Never before have we pushed ourselves to the point of fire, water and ice storming our earth to make way for peace.

Each of us is intertwined with the miracles that hold love for every moment. Let us be defined by miracles.  Let us be defined by love.  It is safe to experience peace, prosperity, and wellness.  Trust that you are guided on this path. Trust you know the steps to take.  Even with your eyes closed you can feel the light leading you to a higher ground. You are safe.  Allow others on your path.  We wait while you gather those struggling with the concept of connection.  We wait until you are no longer suffering.

End of  Channel

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