Energy of the Week January 12, 2020

Jan 12, 2020 | Energy of the Week

Energy of the Week January 12, 2020

Imagine you are given the opportunity for complete rest and rejuvenation.  Your head is supported on a pillow…  so soft you don’t even feel it.  Your body feels as if it’s floating.  Your eyes feel as though the softest fingertip gently closes them from the outside world.

You become aware of the moon light and the sun.  Perhaps for the first time you see that some people live in the shadows cast by the moon light; others allow the moon to light their path.  You see some people fully experience the light and love the sun offers.  Others have turned away from the light.  All at once you experience the vast awareness that our Universe offers each of us.

You are so comfortable and free that your mind is able to take you into the deeper part of your inner workings.   You are experiencing Universal Truths within.

This week is wonderful for self-awareness.  Discover how you move through the world.  What ways are you limiting yourself?  Are you ready to discover more?  I pulled some cards for the various areas of your life.

We have two areas that are highlighted, or in other words have more energy gathered for change.  These are the areas of self-awareness, compassion, and cosmic love.  Of course this makes absolute sense.  With the preceding words all about self-expansion, and removing self-imposed boundaries.

Physical Needs, Safety, & Security

This week give yourself some time off.  There is a need to allow yourself time for expansion, prioritize doing nothing.  See what happens in a perfect state of relaxation.  You will find or create the perfect window for this experience.

Emotional Needs

This week you can experience some financial success that will be well spent on a home or garden project. Make sure that your creative process is invited into this experience.

Self-Control, & Connection to Life’s Purpose

Be aware that your self-control can create a boring life, closed attitude, and no change.  Inspiration is the key to finding a life purpose and happiness.  Explore what is fun and inspires you…  amazing things can unfold if you let them.

Sharing, Trust, Balance, & Love

Trust in the idea of prosperity.  Trust in the natural flow of abundance.  Balance is being restored in our world.  The sooner you take part in this movement on your own accord, the sooner you find true faith in universal abundance.


This week notice the way you communicate with loved ones… relationships can improve with the right choice of words….  Just as important, pay attention to how you communicate with your-self.

Big Picture, Awareness, & Service

It is easy for you to tap into the flow of money, creativity, and resources.  Your projects are favored, in particular any charity work or service you want to begin.  Remember we are here to give ourselves to our World.  Do this with passion.  Connect this with your vision of your life purpose.

Compassion, Peace, & Cosmic Love

You are gifted with the ability to gain insight on life situations where before you might have felt you were not receiving all the information.  Get ready to have lots of information and insight; this will call for compassion and purposeful observation.  Think of it as the Universe testing to see what you do when you are gifted amazing insight…  can you be trusted to keep the vision to yourself, for now?   Think of it this way; you have information or insight that if shared would destroy the peace in others’ lives.  Can you keep to yourself?  Remember compassion over conflict.

All in all it is a great week to enjoy the cosmic awareness that is available to each of us.  Let me know what flows into your life 🙂

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