Energy of the Week January 19, 2020

Imagine yourself in a raft.  This raft is beginning to take on water.  You are working so hard to keep the raft intact; you miss the fact that you are completely safe.  You can easily make it to shore from where you are.  There is no need to struggle with the pretense of saving yourself.  You have outgrown or no longer need this particular life boat.

Continuing the struggle of keeping something intact is taking our attention away from something very sweet and nourishing for our body, mind, and soul.  So maybe it’s a relationship, maybe an addiction, or job.  Whatever it is, stop the struggle.  Promise yourself to let go of the fight long enough to see what opportunities are waiting to be discovered.

This week I pulled cards for seven areas in your life.  We will have the greatest potential for change in letting go and emotional needs.  We will also see change in our awareness; a need to focus on the good.

Physical Needs, Safety, & Security

This is a great week for improving or just enjoying family and home life.

Emotional Needs

You have the emotional strength to survive and succeed a collapse of a current lifestyle, relationship etc.  This a breakthrough for your will power to help you see another way of life. This emotional energy is balanced by some calming established friends in your life.

Self-Control, Purpose, & Will Power

Your self-control and will power gets a boost from people or projects from your past.  Look for inspiration from past environments, friends, relationships.  Even if it is just to remind you of what you do or don’t want in your life.

Sharing, Trust, & Growth

You have the energy needed to grow and thrive after you are released from the situation you once saw as positive. Take action and trust that your new insight is needed for your current situation to improve dramatically.  You will know what area of life this is for you….

Lifeforce & Communication

This is a great week to get recognized for your good communication skills at school or at work.

Intuition & Awareness

You have become aware of a situation that was/is an abuse of power.  Interesting we will and have been seeing this in the news.  It is a great week to communicate about it.  Look at options. Now that you/we know the truth, action is needed.

Spirituality, Peace, & Harmony

There is the potential for stress due to the awareness of what must change.  Understand action needs to take place, but you are not alone.  Align yourself with others that you trust.  Hatch a plan, this will be fun.  Each of us has integrity and an emotional strength that can be tapped into.

Enjoy the week!  Contact me if you have questions or comments on how this fits into your life.