Where is God When Disaster Strikes?

Jan 22, 2020 | What The Universe Is Trying To Tell You

Where is God When Disaster Strikes?

This is such a great question.  If our faith is ever going to waiver, it will be when we see or experience, painfully scary and seemingly unnecessary events.  Today we have plenty of examples to choose from.  My answer; God is always with you and within you.

Without spending too much time on the concept of going within to connect with God; that is where you will find eternal peace.  Practice meditation and prayer.  Spend time in silence.  You will begin to experience the world differently, kinder.  You will begin to identify miracles of the smallest nature that lead you to experiencing life in a kinder and more simple world.  Simple because you become the great observer, and recognize everything as both miraculous and anticipated.

Our external world matches our internal world.  When we experience inner peace; we see glimpses of God in everything we pause to study.

I see conflicts as an opportunity for humanity to discover compassion and peace. We as individuals don’t need to appreciate and value or even see the same things.  As a collective group we are moving towards observing and loving the miracles of life.  We are collectively learning to trust our natural world, trust each other, and trust the Universe or God.  We are learning that kindness and honoring all, must be our guide.  We will discover a world free of violence and hate.

In times of great disaster I see God holding the doorway open for the souls leaving Earth.  I see God bringing in light to help us collectively make our way.  I see people connecting to their life purpose and creating change for humanity. I see souls coming into Earth to help heal humanity.

Just as we have examples of tragic events, we have more examples of an awakening.  We have people committing their lives to animal rights, human rights, saving the Earth and teaching compassion.  Light, God, and good-will always prevail.

So when you see tragedy, look for the aftermath of courageous people stepping up and answering the call.  We are ready for change and ready to work in the name of compassion, light, and love.

You are probably one of the many people in our world that is ready to answer the call for peace. This is why you are here.  Bringing peace to life can be accomplished by the way we raise our children.  It can be done by getting involved in volunteer work.  It can be done with prayer.

The most important piece of our healing, answering the call, is collectively silencing ourselves and listening.  In the quietness we meet God.  We connect to all that is.

Imagine you see a field of amazingly beautiful flowers. There is also a giant, loud tractor in the field.  The tractor begins to chop up the flowers and top soil.  The flowers are being churned into a mixture with the underground soil.  The destruction seems maddening.  What is the purpose of mixing the fragrance and colors of the flowers into the dark underground?

Maybe disruption needs to occur until everything has been touched by the light.

Internally we are a mix of (light) things that we want to explore and (dark) things we don’t want to explore.  The churning will occur until every part of our mind is touched by light. The internal agitation might be painful.  Just as God is holding the light during the external churning, God is with us thru our internal changes.

Humanity’s actions are stirring up dark energy that are being released and exposed to light.

Through all of our discoveries; one of the most important lessons is, we each have free will in our actions and reactions. Both Earth, and our individual minds are being churned up by our actions and reactions.

I am writing this from the top of a giant quartz rock.  When looking around I see some cactus and plants thriving.  Other plants are in the process of dying, they are returning to Earth.  Eventually the top soil shifts to the underground bringing light.

The giant quartz was once buried deep underground.  Through the natural process of disturbing the soils; there is now a beautiful crystal reflecting light for all.

We each have a quartz internally and externally.  It is through our natural tendencies of disturbing the quiet that the quartz  is revealed.  The true gift will be found when we are able to understand that in all the churning and disruptions light will be revealed.  Eventually humanity will find peace internally. We will  no longer react or act madly while searching for proof our way is the only way.  We will be in a place  collectively, where we each have our personal quartz and respect and honor the light of others.  We will honor stillness.

The path that leads us to eternal light is gentle and forgiving to ourselves and others.  Wisdom patiently waits, while humanity fears the dark underground; unaware that the greatest gift to ourselves is the light that brightly reveals there is nothing to fear at all.  Everything is touched by God.


Channeled Message

Connecting to God, conversing with God and choosing to see light,  is available to all.  It is in the stillness, the hum of the Earth, the calls of birds that we discover peace.  It is here that we find a spark of light to share with our day to day world.  It is here, that if you are brave enough, you will begin to see lightness surrounding the shadows.  It is here that you will find yourself opening and receiving what might have felt lost; your connection to God with in.

The connection grows. You begin to experience an outpouring of pure light. Everything you see has light woven through it.  There is no need to kill, maim, or wish ill will … each of us is made with the thought and awareness of the Divine.  We each possess the ability to love. We each have the ability to see light in all directions.  We have the ability to honor and respect the light of all.

We have the responsibility to carry forth the tradition of showing others the light.

End Channeled Message


This subject is being explored from a suggestion on Facebook.  If anyone has comments, suggestions etc… please contact me. 😊

May we each shine a little brighter,


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