Welcome to the transformational energy of July 4, 2021

🌞 This week is independence from all the confusion that has been shared with you, myself and humanity at large .. it’s independence knowing that you can choose what you want in your life, how you want to live it .. and most importantly what your idea of wellness and even success is.. So find your rock, practice or place that grounds you. There might be times that bring feelings of wobble.. but you are empowered to stand up tall, grounded and courageous in what you want and who you are . This week is just about you figuring out what and who you are .. to do this take inventory of your tools, what have you accomplished .. what connects you to feeling wonderful.. point your compass towards JOY and in a very compassionate, grounded and empowered way .. call this awareness into being 🦜🌞β™₯️🌍