What Are The Ten Cardinal Signs Of A Healthy Spiritual Practice

Jul 7, 2021 | Bi-Weekly Blog

What Are The Ten Cardinal Signs Of A Healthy Spiritual Practice

New Age thinking, spirituality, crystals, Law of Attraction, psychics and more, are seemingly at an all-time high in popularity. This has created an amazing platform for new thoughts and dialogue about the potential of the human experience. It has also created a pulpit for fear-based misinformation to be shared. If you have ever felt confused about metaphysical beliefs and practices, keep reading. This blog shares ten cardinal signs of a healthy spiritual practice that can enhance your daily life.

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality can be viewed and experienced in countless ways, but the common denominator is recognizing a feeling or belief that there is something greater than oneself. This experience brings with it an understanding of connection with the cosmic world or universe.

My understanding of spirituality is experiencing life as a continuous expansion of awareness. This expansion occurs when living and creating with an open heart and mind. This mindset welcomes the connection to source and all that is. It holds the potential for love, compassion, joy and inspiration.

Why is Healthy Spiritually Important?

Connecting with your spiritual self is similar to enjoying a restorative dip in a healing pool. Problems are washed away and truth and clarity are restored.

It’s natural for us to seek support and answers when feeling shaken or vulnerable. When you are feeling especially human, it’s a great time to lean into your healthy spirituality, but a dangerous time to lean into unhealthy spiritual beliefs.

10 Signs of a Healthy Spiritual Practice

  1. A healthy spiritual practice is not reliant on a person, place or thing. This means that whatever the circumstances are in your life, you can still experience a connection to source. You are always connected to God, Source, All That Is.
  2. A healthy spiritual practice focuses on love. The concept of fear is not ever a part of a true spiritual practice.
  3. A healthy spiritual practice has no need for coercion, blame or even resistance. If you feel resistance to the practice, something is not right for you.
  4. A healthy spiritual practice recognizes that you are your best teacher. There is no guru that is closer to God, or source than you. The more you trust yourself, the closer to Source you are.
  5. A healthy spiritual practice holds no space for judgment. Everything just is. We discover that our beliefs are based on our perceptions of right and wrong. This can easily shift to an awareness of neutrality where miracles are created.
  6. A healthy spiritual practice is continually evolving. This means nothing stays the same, things come and go. There is nothing to control.
  7. A healthy spiritual practice is empowering. You experience life force energy and see the world with clarity. You are expansive when connecting with source energy. There is no separation between you and creation. All else falls away.
  8. A healthy spiritual practice recognizes each person has free will to choose. Our life is a result of our choices. This holds space for accountability; but also, the power to choose again.
  9. A healthy spiritual practice recognizes we are all connected. This realization creates the space for compassion to bloom. You recognize that if there is suffering anywhere in the world, we all are experiencing suffering.
  10. A healthy spiritual practice doesn’t hold rigid beliefs and timelines of traditions and practices. Sometimes the best practice is simply sitting in gratitude for your life experience.

Do Crystals, Psychics and Mediums have a place in healthy spirituality?

My spiritual beliefs include limitless possibilities, a higher power, angels and guides. Some may view this as a slippery slope to crazy; but I am also very pragmatic.

Ultimately you need to trust yourself and your ability to be discerning when trying different practices. The most important thing to remember is a healthy spiritual practice is based on love, self-empowerment, joy and is uncomplicated. Even lazy girls can have a healthy spiritual practice. 🙂

It is also very powerful to look at the beliefs of your spiritual group. Are they loving, supportive and empowering? What is their primary focus? Are they a good fit for your truth?

If now is the time to restore peace and clarity in your life, contact me at pollywirum.com for spiritual coaching, group intuitive classes or a psychic reading. I also offer retreats that hold the opportunity for new friendships.

P.S. The Lazy Girl’s secrets to transformation is being written at this very moment. I can’t wait to share the finished product!

Channeled Message

In the moment of your creation long before your birth; you were a seed of possibilities that said yes to life and all that is.

In this moment where time is not; allow yourself to trust in the pull of discovery.

Allow the flow of energy to touch your toes, and run up your legs, along your spine and beyond. Feel the sun’s warmth as it lights your truth.

Know that your journey is impossible to predict.

Only you have the power to orchestrate the brilliance of your mind.

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