Welcome to the Energy of the week for June 1, 2019

Imagine yourself reaching for a glass of sparkling water .. You take a refreshing drink and notice it has a little more spark and flavor then expected. You enjoy the entire glass.
You begin to relax , breath a little deeper .. exhale a little longer ..
your thoughts begin to flow .. your mind easily releases any troubled thoughts ..

You are taken to an awareness of the cycle of life .. birth, experiencing life .. death and rebirth .. you become aware of the possibilities of experiencing rebirth in each moment .. each day .. Your mind slips into an awareness that allows you to create a newness in everything..

The next stage of awareness brings you to the idea of generations and birth and raising young , death and rebirth .. and noticing the beautiful flow of energy that is passed down thru generation and generation .. and recognizing that it is possible to only react to that which inspires love for every generation and every being ..

You are next shown the awareness that each one of your cells is a life unto itself and indeed you have the birth, death and rebirth in your body at this very moment .. and you have the ability to treat your body with respect and love to help the rebirth bloom into something beautiful ..

You recognize that even humanity experiences birth, death and rebirth .. and we each have the potential to decide if we are celebrating the death or the rebirth of humanity in our daily choices ..

This week enjoy the opportunity to view life with an expanded view and recognize that you are a vital part of deciding how birth, death and rebirth fits in your body, mind and humanity at large ..

Enjoy the the sun, water and air ❤️