Dedicated Expansion

Jun 6, 2019 | What The Universe Is Trying To Tell You

Dedicated Expansion

A coaching client recently shared her concern of holding space for everyone in a yoga class. She was preparing to lead a series of classes abroad. My initial response; she was not solely responsible for the energy in a collective space. This mental picture has stuck in my mind.

Most of us can relate to the desire of holding space for others. We want to help our tribe feel safe and loved. Similar to a yoga teacher, maybe the greatest gift we can offer, is showing our branch of humanity, how to create and maintain their own sacred space. We can do this for our families, friends and even strangers.

Before I hold group meditations, I fill the space with love and gratitude. I welcome in our guides and all forms of love and inspiration into the space we will collectively be sharing. My intention is that everyone will experience the presence of peace, love and gratitude during the meditation. I imagine many yoga teachers do something similar. We are really just creating a place for people to slow down, and open up to the unseen. Once the connection is made, it is always available. Peace and love can be pulled into any situation, no yoga mat required.

Similar to a yoga setting, each of us has a sacred space we need to honor and care for.
We also need to be aware of what we offer to others and their space. recognize it is a choice for people to accept or decline; but ideally we share with compassion.

Our youngest recently took an academic placement test. He admittedly didn’t prep for it. He expected it to be easy. When we received the results, my son was disappointed. I was disappointed as well. Sadly, I failed to explain I was disappointed in the outcome, not him. He held on to my perceived dissatisfaction of him. I allowed my egocentric expectations of our son darken my space, as well as his.

Sitting with my feelings of disappointment, I was able to put things in perspective. The next step was to help our son unload what I had heaped into his personal ( sacred) space. It was an opportunity to let go of a regret and let success bloom. We were able to put the test results behind us, and talk about his passions. As our vibration raised, our collective space cleared.

Like our yoga mats, personal space can be restorative, challenging or a combination of both . It is our intention that sets the tone.

The key is maintaining your space with the energy that feels good to you.

I have taken the occasional yoga class for years. This allows me to barely do the basic poses. In the past I stumbled on the physical aspect of yoga, and didn’t fully appreciate the energetic form of yoga. Finally my spiritual curiosity and practices have led me to point of wanting to explore yoga on a deeper level. I easily see the parallels of a yoga practice and my personal beliefs. We are all connected. We all have a spark of source with in. We are all in the continuous process of releasing, receiving and expanding. The Universe responds to our thoughts and actions. Our intentions set the tone for our life experiences. …. By allowing things to flow and remaining open to abundance, life can be experienced with ease.

Allowing ourselves to go thru a flow without the egocentric expectations, our space remains clear and we strengthen our connection to source. Thru yoga we are guided to practice compassion with everything, including oneself. I have barely scratched the surface of what yoga is, but I am truly inspired by the possibilities.

Channeled Message

As the sweet energy pulls you deeper into a place of knowing.. You relax and feel the curtain or veil fall away.. You move with the rhythm and light that holds the secret to the life force.. slow your breathing down.. allow yourself to see and feel.. the expansion is a flash of awareness .. this light shines brightly within you.. you see deeply into all of your actions.. no questions remain unanswered.. This flash of awareness holds the purpose of allowing you to return into the fold and guide others. As others have guided you.
As we each become aware of our part in the expanded form; we no longer experience life as teachers or students. We all come together . We celebrate in the joining of all souls created the same. The magnitude of our love is extraordinary and heals all wounds. There are no secrets, no loss, no shame. We experience the joy and laughter that has no boundaries. We trust, and allow ourselves to be taken deeper into a creation that supplies the universe with all that is; pure love and delight.


End of Channel
Perhaps we can experience our time on a yoga mat as a small celebration of spiritual freedom.

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