Welcome to the Zen Energy of the week for June 17, 2019

This week is all about finding the Zen, mindful experience in the presence of chaos or static in our lives.
Imagine that you are in a perfectly formed Cocoon of blissful and nurturing energy all around you .. you experience the ease and flow of life .. You are in a state of awareness that allows you to observe and not react .. you are in a space that allows you to clearly define what is allowed in your life .. and what is not .. you recognize each breath in as an opportunity to become even more aware of your purpose in life .. you are experiencing a restoration of your mind and body
You have created this experience by no longer giving your attention to things/ situations / memories that took you to a place of frustration and stress … You have crossed the bridge in ability to live a mindful life that resides in high vibrational thoughts, actions and beliefs ..
And as you begin to practice mindfulness and commit to living with awareness .. that which bothered you in the past has been lifted .. You are able to connect with what brings you peace .. You recognize that mindfulness can be practiced everyday, everywhere .. So what might have begun as a meditation practice of 5 minutes , has led you to a practice of awareness, compassion and ease .. You no longer choose chaos
This week is all about you deciding what your time and personal energy is worth .. you will be supported in letting go of beliefs and habits that keep you tied to the stress and frustration ..
So if your ready .. breathe .. say yes .. commit to a practice of mindfulness .. start by 5 minutes of meditation daily .. even if it begins with u just sitting in silence .. thinking about the good part of your life .. make this a practice and watch it grow..
This is about you and no one else .. your peace of mind is fully your responsibility
Take this week as an opportunity to see yourself surrounded by light and love
Don’t be surprised that when next week rolls around .. if you have been faithful to mindfulness and compassion .. you will have experienced great shifts of energy .. You know how this works .. your landscape begins to change
Enjoy the Zen ,
PS .. compassion and kindness is not just for yourself .. it is for all you see and do .. and recognizing your compassionate thoughts will ripple though out our universe