Make Time for Learning

Jun 22, 2019 | Past Lives, Current Loves, & Your Future

Make Time for Learning

My husband and I assisted one of our children moving last week. Chloe was leaving dorm life for a shared apartment situation.  She successfully completed her first year of college and wanted to stay in Bellingham, Washington.   Her passion is exploring and fully soaking in the environment. She holds a vision of developing a career path that allows her to be with nature while sharing adventures with others.  This means she needs to gain skill sets not just found in college classes.  Becoming a kayak guide, river guide or even a deck hand, is not included in her Outdoor Recreation major.  She will blend her formal education with her outdoor experiences and create a fulfilling lifestyle.

I recognize Chloe is very lucky to be motivated to seek knowledge in something that she loves.  She is well on her way to fulfilling her dreams from when she was eight years old.

As we wrapped up our Bellingham adventure, I received a message from a person I worked with long ago.  She is in her early 50’s and has decided to pursue a fellowship.  My friend is seeking another diploma because she loves learning.  Both women are living inspired lives.

Committing to gaining knowledge and translating that experience into an expression of yourself, creates a lovely life. The action of exploring and learning should be part of our life regardless of circumstances. I believe each of us is here to help the world become a kinder, more loving and compassionate place.  We do this by following our heart and sharing gifts that are inspired by our passions.  If we allow ourselves each day, an opportunity to pursue something we are curious about, our collective world will change.

Learning and exploring just for the sake of happiness helps us live an extraordinary life.   It is also recognizing our mind as a beautiful gift, that allows us to fully experience this world.

Sometimes we struggle with finding passion or direction.

If you are seeking something to explore; here are a couple suggestions on tapping into the Universe’s inspirational energy.   First, have no expectations of what you are doing with the knowledge.  You are simply seeking inspiration thru exploration.  If delight doesn’t show up, simply change the direction your looking.  Possibly something is in the way. Fear has the ability to cover up inspiration.  This is why the first step is allowing yourself to explore with no expectations. You can not fail.  Give yourself permission to explore..  Remember there are no expectations.

The next step….   What do you want to study or experience?   If you don’t immediately have an answer, get a piece of paper, pen and find a quiet space.  Take yourself back to your childhood.  Look as far back as you have memories.  What did you love to do?  Did you have any dreams, interests  from when you were a child or even teenager?  Write these down.

 What ever you want to study, is a match for you.  The next step is deciding how you want to learn.

It is really easy to begin your discovery session with books and magazines.  In fact this can be free, ( library, online) or very inexpensive.  If you decide to commit more time and money, take classes online or in person. Find a teacher or coach.   Maybe you need to travel.  Find what works for you.

The next step is finding a community that shares your interest.  This really helps you integrate your inspired knowledge into everyday life.  Let the passion for your interest guide you.  It may be a stepping stone into a significant life change; or it may simply bring you joy.

Our life purpose / life path is learning how to follow our heart.  In other words, learning how to connect with and trust the inspiration our Universe shares with us.

All that I have happily pursued and committed energy to, held a common thread of inspiration for knowledge.   Each one of those things have been instrumental in who I am today.

When our desire to learn is fueled by inspiration it is merely a stepping stone to living a purposeful life.

Imagine getting to a point of awareness that each moment you desire to know more, feel more and experience your best self.  This would be living with an open heart. It is the inspiration for knowledge that can be the first step to slowing down, trusting and opening up to receiving.

As we practice trusting our heart, knowledge evolves to wisdom.  It is here that our practices, thoughts and ideas, blend with the energy of all times. The blending of inspiration, knowledge and love connects us to all that is.

Channeled Message

Beginning to see and feel one’s self clearly adds an element of change or newness into the moment.  It is not important how this change of awareness comes to be, it is only important that you allow yourself to unfold and fully experience the beauty that is given to each and every one of us in all moments.

We are gifted the sight to view and experience all that we see.  We are able to experience all that we hear..This is the awareness and possibility of our mind.  In other words that which we see, we are all ready experiencing..  It was our inspiration that breathed our vision to life….

As you slip into the awareness that shares visions of your complete and  expanded form, all else falls away.

Each of us will  begin to experience something brighter, higher that allows our vision to expand on an even greater level, it is here that we individually and collectively decide where we are.

And so the cycle begins again, each time we go a little deeper into the realm of discovery and experience the connection that binds us together..  Each time our fear dissolves and we become the music and light.

And when we recognize our heart beats in unison with all.. when we remember our ability to see and experience the connection of all, the suffering ends.

I will be in Arizona in July where I will be holding monthly group sessions.  Stay in touch!


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