Welcome to the Energy of the Week for June 19, 2022

This week is all about emotions ❤️ We all know some emotions are easier to experience then others; but this week is the perfect energy to really allow what u are feeling to grow big .. It doesn’t mean you need to blow up on people. It is an invitation for you to really pause and recognize how you are feeling .. let your feelings grow and grow and grow .. and after you have named them, experienced them, you can celebrate them or burn them .. what ever .. These feelings and emotions can feed your creativity and can also set you free .. Once you say I’m not afraid to feel .. nothing can hold you back .. also recognize these feelings can be all over the place, joy, love, excitement, fear, loss, shame.. where ever you find yourself in the landscape of emotions .. feel it ! You can always release .. one last message .. the emotional landscape you were raised in might not be the right fit for you .. this is your week to decide what emotional landscape is your home … burn what doesn’t fit .. and celebrate what you keep .. but recognize there is a power to feeling your emotions .. I encourage you to feed them and see what grows from it .. enjoy this week of self reflection, reclaiming, creativity, letting go and celebrating 🎉🎉🙏