Welcome to the transformational energy of June 20, 2021

🌞♥️🦜. This week has some interesting qualities .. I’m going to start with don’t be afraid of getting a little dirty when you are working or even playing .. it’s all for a good cause. The next part is examine your life and see what part of you .. ( it could be your mind) what part of you is dragging and refusing to follow your dreams .. You are correct if you were making excuses because nothing looked like you thought it would .. that’s ok .. you have changed .. allow your dreams to shift a a little. You’re going to love your new look and the energy that comes with it .. so follow your heart, full speed ahead.. play a little and lift off the tarmac of your life and pursue your dreams 🌞♥️🦜🌍🌊🌵✈️.. I can’t wait to hear your stories of new adventures, new dreams and new romances ♥️