Welcome to the Energy of June 21, 2020 … Hold on

First off know that there is a whole bunch of new energy, new ideas, and new opportunities being shared with our world. It’s almost like a jigsaw puzzle was just dumped on us. When we take the time to make sense of the pieces, we have a completely new understanding of life. It will just require patience to let the pieces fall, and then you will weave your way through creating the new version of your life. This is the type of energy that great books/music etc is created .. think of A Course in Miracles .. type of energy 🙂 On the flip side we also have energy that is very sensitive and looking for a fight. This can be internally and certainly found in our external world … so pray that people remain calm 🙏
It is also the time that our energies can blend in with others… it’s almost hard to see where you begin and I end .. this can be a beautiful experience .. just make sure you agree with those you are blending in with:)
There is also the attempt to control fun and even humanities transformation…

We have a tremendous amount of emotional energy that can be used for transforming families, self, and the collective. It just requires you to have the ability to not react, stay focused on the goal .. and to let some of the pieces fall into place before you cast judgment… This is a tremendous time for transformation .. see what messages are being shared with you .. allow people and ideas to flow and start journaling .. you could be the creator of the next big spiritual breakthrough.