Welcome to the Energy of the Week for June 30, 2020

This time it is really important to pause for reflection. As a matter of fact, we are offered lots of opportunities as soon as we take a breather and look at our lives. Imagine following a trail that leads you to a stone wall, it is too tall to see over and you can’t climb over it. This brings you to the pause. The pause allows you to see a solution to a bigger dilemma, that was hiding in the smaller problem. It becomes clear to you that what you had thought was negative, actually carries some light. This light enables you to continue on your path and the wall has been lifted. You are gifted with a beautiful tranquil scene that is perfect for manifesting exactly what you want.

This week’s emotions may run high, so pause before reacting.
Communication is so important, as a matter of fact, it is more important than any other type of action.

Some of us may crave contrast and change, make sure this doesn’t lead you to just watching the news and flipping channels.

It is a powerful time for growth and abundance in all forms… With that being said it is up to you to break the rules of old and create your own rules in what your abundant and spiritual life looks and feels like.
When you feel like you are about to display a crazy amount of emotional energy in a reckless action… go back to the place that showed you. There are some answers and light hidden in what appeared like a problem… reconfigure your idea of a win versus loss
Find your tribe and collaborate ✨🎉✨.. have fun! Be safe! Stay Aware ❤️