Energy of the Week March 29, 2020

Mar 29, 2020 | Energy of the Week

Energy of the Week March 29, 2020

Life is beginning to have a new normal.  Imagine we have been going through dress rehearsal our entire lives, just for this moment. Some of us were good at paying attention to the cues or signs provided to us. Those that looked deeper into life have found a familiar comfort in the change.  Others that have been skimming over life lessons might be experiencing the challenges with a little less confidence.

Imagine being able to view humanity and all life on Earth, through all times. You would see the young plants pushing up through the soil towards the light. You would observe the birth of animals and eventually humans. You would observe patterns and group behaviors begin to form. You would observe how messages were created for future generations.

Imagine feeling the energy held in the hieroglyphics. Our ancestors knew we would need this one day.  Imagine the trails that the deer have taken forever; knowing the trail held a secret for everyone on earth.  Imagine the way the birds have flown and adapted over time; sharing joy from the heavens above. Through all of the time, our companions on earth (and Earth) have shared messages and energy with us.

This week it is up to you to look at what areas in your life are highlighted with love, curiosity, and awareness.

What books are speaking to you and why?  Are you feeling pulled to learn about the stars or ancient cultures?  What patterns are showing up for you?  How are you connecting to a deeper more meaningful life? Our entire life has been a series of messages shared by the Universe; are you ready to listen?

Begin journaling as you uncover what speaks deeply to your soul.  Get ready to open up and experience life in a way that speaks to your heart and soul :)… Trust… breathe… connect… you were made for this and…  you have support through all of eternity.

This week I pulled cards in seven different areas: the area with the greatest potential for change is communication. This makes sense; you are learning new ways of communication… maybe with your Angels, guides, or the Universe at large.

Grounding & Security

Focus on what you know to be grounding.  Honor a practice like meditation and prayer that have been with us forever. Touch the ground or stones.


This week allow yourself to be creative, without having the concern of how much it costs, or if it will pay off.  For example, if you love taking pictures do it. Do it for the joy.  The money will follow.

Energy & Instinct

Trust your instinct on what direction you want your life to shift.  Trust your instinct on who will remain in your life and what career best fits your life.


This is such a great time to make new friends!  This may be online through social groups.  For example, many new meditation and spiritual support groups are forming. This is very exciting….  It is possible to find your group/ tribe.


It is time for you to learn a new way of communicating with the Earth, peers, and friends. You may see a shift in the people that are in your life. The new people will help you learn a new way of moving through life… very exciting….  It’s all about communication and recognizing that communication is not just verbal… It’s paying attention to what is around you and understanding the messages.

Insight & Intuition

If you are paying attention to all the messages around you, you are gaining new insight.

Connection with Spirit

This week (in case you haven’t already) look at the spirit as loyal, predictable, and generous.  Connect with the feeling of abundance that our universe offers. Plan a celebration!

I hope you can find some fun exploring new and ancient ways of communication 🙂


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