Energy of the Week March 22, 2020

Mar 22, 2020 | Energy of the Week

Energy of the Week March 22, 2020

Many people feel like they have recently been tested on their strengths and weaknesses.  Maybe we have; but hopefully we are beginning to recognize what is a constant in our life and what can be counted on in times of stress….

Maybe you are beginning to redefine what is important in your life.

I do see things beginning to lift energetically; although it might not be shared in the news. It’s almost like little wisps of light are shared through the dark.  So pay attention to how you feel…  I also think there will be several positive things that are made public, regards to our health situation.  One of them won’t pan out….

We will see some people displaced… lots of energy shifting at the end of March into April; big changes.  These changes bring new opportunity.  I also see that the effects of the virus comes in waves, we will have several peaks. We will ( within a couple months) also have a  burst of  business’s needing workers to meet the supply and demand…  This is actually going to start a new trend of business and ways to earn money.  It is especially good for our younger more mobile population.  It might have something to do with food/ organic / outdoors…  but the bottom line with in a couple months we will see people really scrambling to get workers…. Be flexible and we will all see many new opportunities that come with this current challenge.

So this week look for the positive, enjoy the breaks from the heavy… and this is the perfect time to meditate and contemplate what you are seeking.  Really we all knew that change was needed… so here we are.

I pulled cards for seven areas in our life:


Focus on your home (most of us are) imagine seeing love and abundance easily flowing through your home and all you love.  You might even have moments of feeling blessed this week… look deeper.


This week you are invited to explore how your mind and thoughts travel during creative times.  See what messages have been awaiting for you…. You will tap into the universal flow as your creativity is allowed to express and experience full force.

Energy & Instinct

This is such a great week to redefine how you learn best and who your teacher is.  You will experience a peak in how you connect to and feel universal energy….  One of the coolest things will be a flip of who was the teacher is now the student…. If we allow ourselves to look deep into the changes occurring… it offers you the chance to become a new you.  Be on the lookout for how your life will change for the better; as the old systems break, help build the new.


In romantic areas there might be some challenges.. opportunities to work on communication.  It also shows new opportunities to prioritize what we want.

Insight & Intuition

Use your intuition to determine what your body and mind needs during this time of increased awareness to health issues.  Take care of yourself in a way that feels good… rest, meditate, eat healthy food… can you get out to walk or hike?

Connection with Spirit

Don’t allow stress and anxiety to become a block between you and your connection to God or All that is.  Whatever is going on in our life, we still have a channel open to our higher self, God and all that is….  Value any extra time you have to pursue a deeper awareness and understanding of spirituality.

Light some candles, read, meditate, and create….  Recognize your ability to heal not just yourself , but others.

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