The Habit of Fear

Mar 18, 2020 | What The Universe Is Trying To Tell You

The Habit of Fear

Weeks ago, I was awoken in the middle of the night by coyotes just outside our house. They paused their trek long enough to loudly share a secret. One call, in particular, kept me awake. It sounded like spooky maniacal laughter. The next day I asked the dogs if they understood the message.

This morning there were flash flood warnings, rain, and lightning storms. I waited for a break in the storm before I headed up the hiking trail. I wore sandals because I needed to feel closer to the Earth. Supreme (my trail pup) and I slowly walked and splashed our way up the empty trail enjoying the mud and water in the washes. The rain brought out sweet and earthy smells from the plants and the birds were loudly sharing their insight. We could hear the coyotes far away. At the top, I took a picture of myself enjoying the clouds and open space. On our way down the mountain, we began to run into other people.  It was so good to share a moment of peace and happiness; a wonderful connection.

Life is so rich and interesting. I never need to look far for a blog topic. Currently, the alarm over a virus is hijacking the thought processes of many people. Chances are if the concern wasn’t about this threat, the same people would still be experiencing fear-based thoughts. The media has increased panic because fear is a habit that loves attention.

Each of us has learned certain habits during our childhood – handwashing, using seatbelts, and saying please and thank you to name a few. We have also learned certain beliefs from our parents, friends, and society. We are taught what is beautiful, desired, and scary. We learn about generosity versus hoarding and trust vs fear. Just as some families are faith-based, some are fear-based. Living with fear is woven very tightly through many people’s lives. Luckily, this is learned behavior, which can be unlearned.

We get to choose what we want in our life. One of our greatest tools is our gut instinct. Trust how something feels. Balance that, with everyday good habits. Follow this with the faith that everything is just as it should be. Wrap this up with the realization that you live where you put your awareness and thoughts. If your thoughts are constantly cycling back to fears, you live in fear. If your thoughts focus on the abundance in your life, you live in abundance.

A visualization is a tool used by many successful people including pro athletes. The idea is to show your mind and body exactly what you want to experience.  It is the key to connect to the feeling of visualization. This is also the Law of Attraction; connect to the feelings. Much of our world connects to the feelings of fear that the media stirs up. Just as powerful are the movies and books that are designed to offer people an experience of fear. Think about all the books and movies that are created for an audience to visualize and live an entire plot that carries many possibilities of extreme fright and horror. Each time we watch these movies or even the news, we are visualizing horror.  Even video games have violence and fear-based themes. We have designed a society that loves to dip into the dark, touch the fear, crawl out, and talk about it.

With our fascination for everything that can unravel in the world now, some people are reliving the fear they visualized while watching a movie. They are allowing their mind to travel back to that seductive feeling of fear and their actions prove it. Hoarding of goods, expecting the worst, and an obsession with the new, are familiar plots to them.

Hoarding goods is also a learned habit. It is basically telling the universe you believe that there is no such thing as faith or abundance.  People who are hoarding goods are probably hoarding fearful energy also. They are not experiencing a healthy flow of energy. Imagine dropping into the fear, grabbing a big piece of it, and keeping it with you for the remainder of your journey.

I am aware that we do have a potential threat to our everyday life, but it began long before this virus became active. It began in every fear-based movie, story, and thought that many people have viewed as entertainment. These movies have linked the positive feeling of excitement and fear together. We need to clear our minds of the habit of fear.

Below are 5 easy ways to step back from the frenzy:

  1. Decide on your own what you want in your life, don’t let other people or the media dictate your beliefs. Trust your gut.
  2. Take a break from the news
  3. Avoid movies and books that are based on fear
  4. Avoid conversations or even spending time with people who live in fear
  5. Avoid habits that perpetuate fear like hoarding, not trusting others, and planning for the disaster

My hike this morning reaffirmed my faith in the world. Everything is just as it should be. It was exactly what I needed to connect to the calm and share healing with the strangers on the trail….  I still don’t know what the coyote shared weeks ago; maybe it was an invitation to choose the epidemic of fear, or choose peace.

One woman on the trail summed it up so wisely.”It is so healing to be outside.  It is good for the soul.” I may never see her again, but I will always feel her wise words.

Join me in calm.

Channeled Message

Each of you carries and is made up of beautiful, vibrant energy. It is so colorful and light and carries the energy of your soul and God.  Each and every one of you is created with the light of God and all that is. You have the freedom to move through and experience life in whatever physical form you choose. We give you the wings to help you fly or the stability to remain grounded.  It is all your choice.

The higher vibrational thoughts, actions, and beliefs keep your energy flowing sweetly through time.  The lower vibrational thoughts of fear begin to weaken the energy that connects you to God and all that is.

Fear makes holes in the fabric of your life.

Ask us to help you shift your thinking from fear to love. Ask us to help rebuild your energy field. Know that you are on Earth for a specific reason. It is not yet time to go. And when it is, we help you shift your vision to all that is. Your energy will become strong again and you will once again be full of life source. There is nothing to fear. Enjoy your family, loved ones, and all the ways in which peace, love, and light are shared….

End of Channel

Imagine a shift toward doing no harm.

Shifting even deeper into love and light.

Be kind to all.

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