Energy of the Week March 15, 2020

Mar 15, 2020 | Energy of the Week

Energy of the Week for March 15, 2020

Last week brought the energy for awareness and great change, leading us out of the dark.  This week carries the energy for breaking the system, breaking barriers, and societal norms.  Imagine going out for a walk or drive and you notice people wearing things completely out of the norm.  You look down and notice you also are wearing things that might be considered odd.  The greatest thing is you don’t care..  You also notice and even applaud the actions of people that show they are following their heart…  not societies old rules.  So get ready to blaze your own trail….

This week I pulled cards for seven areas.  The areas with the greatest potential for powerful  change are security and instinct.

Grounding & Security

You have the potential to experience more grounding; as you unwind from others plans for you.  There is also the opportunity for things to be cleared up, if you were at a standstill, waiting for someone to move or make a decision.


Allow times of solitude to be filled with creativity, it doesn’t need to feel like isolation.  Also step away from battles…  use your energy for creating good things.  Look for new ways to express your creative side.

Energy & Instinct

We saw this energy last week also.  You have the opportunity to break down barriers, gain insight, and create a whole new look on life.  It requires shifting from the old and welcoming the new thoughts.  Some people will stay in your life, some will go.


Walk away from conflicts….  Life doesn’t need to be so complicated.  Take a break.  Only after giving it a higher perspective will you know how to proceed.


You may experience a feeling of restriction or not fully being able to share your feelings.  If you are leaving a situation; just let it go.  If it is a situation where you might continue to feel restricted if you don’t speak up, write it out first.  Make sure your intentions are clearly stated…  remember this is a new empowered you.

Insight & Intuition

You will probably have a lot of action steps during the week; your breaking barriers after all.  Listen to your body and if you need to rest after your great accomplishments…  do it!

Connection with Spirit

This is the time to really connect and listen to God, angels, or the Universe.  You will be guided in all directions love, travel and even what your next course of study might be.  This truly is a great time to set things straight in your life.  If your life was already Golden, maybe it’s just confirmation and clarity that you needed.



Additional Energy for This Week

In addition to this week’s energy profile, I wanted to share something else with you.  Three or four years ago I was shown how we will begin to streamline education.  It looked like some schools closing down and really getting to just the basics of education.  This looked like the education system would lose its balance.  I believed it was only happening in Alaska…  I know it will be across the country.

At the same time I was shown how we will be going back to family and small communities and even growing our own food…  At the time it didn’t make sense.  We are a global community.  It’s interesting because there was a fear that was bringing people back to the family and small comminuted…  Now this makes sense.

The next thing I was shown is that the Middle East will continue fighting.  Just when it looks like a population is being so severely compromised an interesting thing happens….

The group that is doing most of the devastating assaults against humanity will experience some type of major plague…  something that is in the air. It is either insects or carried by birds…  I don’t think it is the virus making the rounds now.  I think it is something visible to the naked eye.

I used to share more of what I am shown, but it didn’t feel productive to share, unless it was positive.  Currently we are being guided through such interesting times, I decided to share.

Enjoy the week, meditate, wash your hands and enjoy the sun 😃


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