Energy of the Week March 8, 2020

Mar 8, 2020 | Energy of the Week

Energy of the Week March 8, 2020

Imagine finding yourself alone, resting on the ground.  The recognition of being completely alone, at first it’s alarming.  As you lay on the ground, with the side of your face pressed against the earth, you can hear and feel a sound.  It is almost the sound of breath and a heartbeat; combined.  This allows you stop, settle-in deeper, and relax.  Your heart and breath begin to match the rhythm you hear.  In a way of knowing that is unfamiliar to you; the breath, heart, and mind blend together.  There is no longer a separation from heart, mind, soul, and earth.

Your vision expands and you begin to see and feel love, guidance, and awareness from previously unknown sources.  You fall deeper into the place of knowing and compassion and one by one your guides are revealed to you.  They share with you what you must know to further your place on earth.

It is time for you to awaken.  You must dust off the previously cherished ideas of winning or losing.  You recognize the concept of more & less, winning & losing, good & bad; all of the ideas of contrast are simply being released.  You are gifted with the vision of your journey that is waiting for you.  This journey rises far above fear and hate.  This journey slips far away from wars, killing, and feeling pain.  You are gifted with a vision of pure love.  You experience pure love.

It is now up to you, how you will share this awareness with others.

Wow!  So much to think about!  How will you share love this week?  How will you react when in the past, you would feel loss or frustration?  Why are you here?

I pulled cards for seven areas of your life. Here they are:


We are collectively being dipped into some very powerful and transformative energy.  This can cause some shifting in your home, work, and what you want. This might bring illumination, but also a collapse of previous plans.  You are in control… breathe.


You may find yourself feeling isolated, or just not wanting to be with the usual groups at work or previous support systems.  Use this time to create… so instead of feeling isolated, celebrate the alone time and create, create, and create….

Energy & Instinct

This week meditate.  Call in your Angels and guides.  Ask them to remove any anxiety that has been building related to how you no longer fit perfectly in your old life.


You are moving on from troubled waters….  After all, that is what this week is all about; love.   Does this mean you’re ditching what no longer supports your new vision of love?  You will do whatever it takes to pull yourself from conflict.


This is a great week for fun, socializing, and meeting new people.  With the major change of out-growing your old version of the world, it is time to meet the new version… or at least get a small tastes of it.

Insight & Intuition

Your intuition is your strength and intelligence… trust it.

Connection with Spirits

Its such a powerful time for change….  The energy of this week can stay with you.  This is transformation, change, and new beginnings.  Sometimes you feel it inside for a while before your outer world changes.  This is really good; don’t be afraid to open your heart. Trust your connection.



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