Welcome to the Energy of the Week for May 1, 2022

I begin by saying, don’t buy into the belief system of survival, fight or flight .. That is not you and it’s not the energy you / we should connect with. With that being said look at what comes easy to you.. go there. Now the real message of this week is how we are holding a great opportunity for expansion. It is found in the areas of our life where we retreat into old patterns and old beliefs. The deeper and stronger that we hold onto these patterns and beliefs ; the more explosive and transformative our life will become. These old patterns and beliefs have created a very fragile way of looking at life. This is all about to change. You have the choice of going with the flow and entertaining new possibilities or retreating into old hurtful patterns .. either way new opportunities are coming your way. The moral of this story .. choose the path that goes with the flow .. retreating is only going to bring some flipping hard answers and reality shifts. Get outside, enjoy nature, communicate with Grace, ease and love. Create space for the angels, guides and the Universe to bring magic into your life .. one last thing.. it really is all about love. I can’t wait to hear how love showed up for you.. or maybe how you showed up for yourself ❤️🌚